The Most Controversial Godmen In India


Godmen in a country like India is not a new phenomenon. As human most of us always need to rely on someone to lead us. Those who are dependent tend to become theist and those who are independent turn to be atheists. They preach alot principles in leading a happy life and people to whom this happens tend to turn their followers and

Asaram Bapu:

Asaram BapuPhoto Credits:

Asaram Bapu is one rich Godmen with the ashram sprawling over 10 acres of land in Gujarat. He preaches the existence of One Supreme Conscious to his followers.


* Attempt to Murder(2008): Two boys at the Motera ashram were killed and                     Asaram Bapu was charged with murder following protests by public.
* Sexual Assault(2013): A 16 year old girl accused Bapu of sexually assaulting her         at the Jodhpur ashram. A medical examination was carried out which                         confirmed her claims. He has since been in jail and has been denied bail quite a         number of times.


BABA RAM RAHIMPhoto Credits:

Baba Ram Rahim is the head of a spiritual group called Dera Sacha Sauda(DSS) since the year 1990.


* Involvement in Murder(2007): Baba Ram Rahim was charged with hurting the             religious sentients of the Sikhs and of involvement in murder. He was later                   cleared of both the charges by the courts.
* Sexual Exploitation & Murder(2002): Baba was charged with sexually exploiting           women of the community and for murder of a journalist. The cases are still                 pending in the court of law.
* Movie (MSG): The religious leader made a movie which was based on him being           the messenger of God. The movie is called MSG – Messenger Of God. Go watch           it to have a good laugh.


ChandraswamiPhoto Credits:

Chandraswami first gained popularity as an astrologer but later came to be worshiped as a godman and tantrik.


* Defrauding(1996): Chandraswami was charged with the case of defrauding a                 London based businessman of $100,000.
* Foreign Exchange Violation(2011): This Godman was charged with violation of           the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act several times. In 2011, he was charged for          a sum of Rs. 7 crores.
* Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: Chandraswami was allegedly involved in the                  famous assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Although, this has not been proved yet.


nityananda swamiPhoto Credits: 

Nityanand is one famous Godman. His organisation Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam has presence in 50 countries and has over 10 million followers.


* Sun TV Scandal(2010): In this year, a video surfaced that showed Swami                      engaging in sexual activities with a Tamil film actress.
* Arathi Rao accusation(2011): Arathi Rao who was a former follower of Swami.               She went to the police with her account of five years where she accused him of repeatedly raping the follower.Apparently she was the one who files the Sex tape of Tamil actress.

Radhe Maa:

Radhe MaaPhoto Credits:

Radhe Maa, as she is referred to by her followers, has shot to fame recently. We must say she is supremely fashionable for a Godwoman.


* Dowry Case(2015): A woman named Nikki Gupta has named Radhe maa, her husband and five others in dowry complaint.
* Rahul Mahajan posted a picture of Radhe maa in a short dress which is considered inappropriate for a religious guru.

Maharshi Yogi:

maharishi yogiPhoto Credits:

Maharshi Yogi has developed Transcendental Meditation technique and has trained more than 40,000 Transcendental Meditation teachers.


* Training of TM Teachers in Britain: Owing to the British prime minister’s support to the Iraq war, Maharshi Yogi ordered a suspension of training of TM Teachers all over Britain.


OshoPhoto Credits:

Osho was known also as Acharya Rajneesh and is well known for his literary works and as ace public speaker.


* Supports Homosexuality: Osho is a Godman who is more open towards the                 topic of sexuality. He has openly supported and encouraged homosexuality.
* Sex guru/ Rolls-Royce guru: He has been perceived as the more tolerant and             modern guru and hence given names like Sex-guru and Rolls-Royce guru in                 United States.

Baba Rampal:


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Baba Rampal is the founder of Satlok Ashram and is called a self styled Godman.


* Arya Samaj: Baba Rampal raised objections to certain parts of Satyarth                         Prakash. This angered the Arya Samaj as it is the central text of Arya Samaj.
* Murder: During his feud with Arya Samaj, there occurred a clash between the             followers and him. During this clash a man named Sonu was hot dead. Baba                 Rampal was charged with murder. He is known to skip court hearing. At last               count he had skipped 42 court hearings.

Jayendra Saraswati:

Jayendra SaraswatiPhoto Credits:

Jayendra Saraswati is the leading religious figures in Hinduism today. He is the 69th Sankaracharya Guru.


* Murder of Sankararaman: Two different cases were filed against Jayendra Saraswati for the murder of Sankaraman in 2004.
* Ordering murderous assault: In 2002, Jayendra Saraswati was charged with ordering murderous assault on auditor Radhakrishnan who was the prime man to question the missing of 83 kg gold meant to Kamakshi temple.

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