NTR Dialogues in pure translated English


NTR is one of the most loved actors in Telugu Film Industry. We love him for his style, dance, acting, dialogue delivery and everything else about him. Here are 9 dialogues that are translated in English for fun!

1. Animal Lover antaraaa.. Manakanna pedda Animal yemmundi.. Velli matladu ra – Temper
Animal lover itseems..than us which animal big..go and talk.1NTR-Dialogues

2. Bratikinantha kaalam em bratuku ra veelladi ani naluguru anukovatam kante, chanipoina tarvata em bratikaru ra ani ade naluguru anukunela prayatninchandi – Brindavanam
Life time what life is this … 4 people talk other than that…after death..what life ..same 4 people talk is better!2NTR-Dialogues

3. Amma thodu..Addanga Narikestha – Aadi
Mother promise..horizontal cut!3NTR-Dialogues

4. Bhayapade vaadu banisa…bhayapette vaadu Baadshah – Baadshah
Scared fellow is slave..scary fellow is baadshah.4NTR-Dialogues

5. Evaritho cheppakunda…evaro cheppakunda.. putteddi prema
With whom no tell..who no tell..that is love.5NTR-Dialogues

6. Padimandi challaga undatam kosam nenu chaavadanikaina, champadanikaina siddham
10 people can live cold, die and kill..I’m ready.6NTR-Dialogues

7. City nunchi vachadu..soft ga unnadu..lover boy anukuntunnavemo! Character kottaga undani try chesa. Lopala original alane undi. Daanni bayataki tecchav anuko…racha rache!
From city come, soft he is, lover boy he is think aa? Character is no so tried. Original is inside like that only, that you bring outtttttttt….mess..messe!7NTR-Dialogues

8. Bratakalante Baadshah kindundali…chaavalante baadshah mundu undali – Baadshah
To live, be down of baadshah. To die, be front of baadshah8NTR-Dialogues

9. Ee Bhhomi Anna Ee Bhoomi Meeda Ye Shrusti Anna Naku Chala Ishtam – Janatha Garage
This land and this land above creatures I like very much.9NTR-Dialogues