“I respect Sridevi for her thighs” – RGV. Seriously?

Sridevi, RGV

Post midnight, RGV’s ranting on twitter touches its peak. We do not know what goes into his body or on his mind, but every time he invites controversies, it is mostly post midnight. RGV released his latest biography ‘Guns and Thighs’. One of the chapters was named ‘Women in My Filmy Life’. We know that RGV’s obsession for Sridevi is not a new phenomenon. He even slammed Boney Kapoor earlier for reducing his angel to a kitchen in his apartment.

Apart from talking about gangsters and porn star Tori Black, Verma confessed his crush for Sridevi, yet again. Describing his love for Sridevi’s thighs, he went on to say that Sridevi’s fame is not only because of her acting, but her thunder thighs. Her thighs made her what she is today, according to Verma.

Confessing is never a bad idea, but it shouldn’t be embarrassing. Irrespective of anything happening around, RGV is constantly proving that he hardly gives a damn about anyone. Where is that RGV who described Sridevi in such a way that Sirivennala Sitarama Shastry came out with the song ‘Amma Brahma Devudooo… Kompa Munchinavu ro..’

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