6 Superstars And Their Super Wives


By Chitra Chowdhury

In a marriage, to emerge as a ‘great couple’, both the partners need to contribute and co-operate equally. And when it comes to our celebrities, there are a lot more complications that can arise due to the profession they are in. Yet, there have been some really amazing couples who have shown to be not only strong but also talented.

We not only have superstars who are ruling the roost, but they’ve got some great support from their wives who even have a career of their own. These wives are in turn making their husbands proud. Multi-tasking there, you know!

Here are some of those superstars and their super wives:

1. Akkineni Nagarjuna And Amala

1Akkineni Nagarjuna & Amla

Akkineni Nagarjuna is famous for his work in the Telugu cinema and currently he is ridding success with the last released of him Oopiri. His wife Amala is much famous as the co-founder of The Blue Cross in Hyderabad, a non-government organisation (NGO) which works towards the welfare of animals and preservation of animal rights in the country.

2. Suriya And Jyothika

Suriya & Jyothika

The superstar of the Tamil cinema Suriya is married to Jyothika, a renowned actress of her time. She was a successful actress not only with the masses but was well appreciated by the critics for her performances.

3. Mahesh Babu And Namrata Shirodkar

Mahesh Babu & Namrata Shirodkar

Superstar Mahesh Babu is married to Namrata Shirodkar. Apart from winning the Miss India title, she was a successful model and actress of her time. Even now, it is said that everything that needs to go to Mahesh has to pass through her.

4. Upendra Rao And Priyanka

Upendra Rao And Priyanka

The multi-talented Upendra is married to talented Priyanka, a well known actress of her period. And with the success of blockbuster Uppi 2, Priyanka indeed received great compliments as a producer.

5. SS Rajamouli And Rama

SS Rajamouli & Rama

The man who created history with the magnum opus Bahubali, SS Rajamouli married the love of his life. Rama Rajamouli is not just a wife, but also a designes costume for all Rajamouli movies.

6. Kamal Hassaan And Gautami

Kamal Hassaan And Gautami

Last but not the least, the Tamil megastar is married to the multi talented Gautami, who has proved her multi talented in every genre she worked. Apart from being a successful actress, Gautami is a successful costume designer too.