This Celebrity Has Allowed Her Husband To Actually Have Affairs Out Of Marriage..!!


Apprentice Star Saira Khan , 46, opened up about her marriage to husband Steve Hyde and admitted that she has lost all interest in sex and avoids getting intimate with her other half. Saira Khan, runner-up on the first series of The Apprentice and a regular presenter on ITV’s lunchtime talk show, Loose Women, stunned viewers on Wednesday by revealing she’s gone off sex so much she would rather her husband, 51-year-old Steven Hyde, had carnal relations with someone else.

Speaking frankly on the daytime show to her other panelists, Saira said she was “deeply embarrassed” that she had lost her sex drive and had even gone so far as giving him permission to sleep with another woman.

She made the surprising confession: “I’m 46, I have a busy life and have two kids. I am so lucky. We used to have a fantastic sex life. I still love my husband, we cuddle up and it’s lovely. We’ve been together for 11 years, but I’m not interested [in sex]. I don’t want to.

“I’ve lost the desire and I find myself making excuses from around 6pm. As soon as he comes home, I panic and start saying, “I’m so tired!”.

“I’m embarrassed to say this but I said to him you can go with someone else if you want. I want to make him happy. He’ll kill me for saying this… Am I the only one?”

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