Types of phone-user- friends we all have


Phone prati person daggar untadi. All the users use it differently. And we have many types of people in our groups and phones too. here are a few types of phone – users we encounter in our daily lives.

1. These people are the phone-showoff friends. Costly phone undi ani showoff chestu untaru tappa inkem undadu.phone-users

2. They constantly fight that their phones are the best ones. Android and Iphone users mana friends ga unte fullll crazy fights authayi.phone users

3. These people talk so loud ga phone lo that they do not need a phone at all. They can just shout and message convey aipothadi. It is like friend US lo unte inka gattiga matladtharu.phone users

4. Phone only for the camera kone type untaru. And they have the best photos clicked.phone users

5. Very choosy and confused phone-people untaru. Okka phone konaniki they see so many specifications. And finally phone konnaka kuda they are so worried that there might be a better one.phone users

6. These are the 1940-type phone owners. They have the oldest model phones and do not care to change it at all.phone users

7. There are protective phone users too. Vaalla phones ki there are so many passwords on each application that we feel better not to even touch their phone.phone users

8. These are the silent talkers. Veellu phone lo matladithe..the other side unna people ki tappa evarki vinipiyyadu.phone users

9. Veellaki phone eh wastu. They never pick up calls nor they answer to messages.phone users

10. These people ki manchi phones inka waste. They always end up breaking their screens or throwing water on it or whatsoever to get their phone to the repair house.phone users

11. They are the gamers. Phone kevalam games aadaniki konnattu untaru. Game aadetappudu evaru call cheshna kuda cut chestharu.phone users