8 Slogans Our Telugu Audience Shout While In Theatres Purely For ‘Saradaa – Just For Fun Man’

Theatre lo Hollywood movie chustu untam, aa movie lo manchi action scene start aindi, appudu audience nunchi 'Jai Balayya' ane arupulu ravadam manandaram chala...


Best Mandi Restaurants In Hyderabad

The city's freshly discovered love is Mandi. This is the most recent pattern making up for lost time in our city and is a...

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Meet Raja Anirudh Sriram, A 6 Year Old Kid From Tirupati Who Cracked Microsoft’s Toughest Exam

Ee generation kids chala fast ga unnaru….2-3 years ki Youtube, Whataspp use chestunnaru. 4-5 years ocche sariki smartphone ni ela use cheyyalo valla parents...

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