10 Celebrities With The Worst Fashion Sense


By Vaidehi Rawool

The Bollywood industry draws hordes of people towards its golden glean to become aspiring actors as well as fans to the celebrity heart-throbs. The film industry is taken way too seriously by one and all here, whether it be fasting for your favourite star’s good health or standing for hours outside their house to get a glimpse of them. We have all loved them and have gone ga-ga over their lavish lifestyle.

Every youngster tries to emulate the outfits of his/her most loved celebrity and is awe-struck by the fact that they never ever are seen repeating their clothes, ever! We all believe that they can almost buy anything off of the face of the earth with the money they earn. Hence it is unfathomable to us all when these celebrities turn out to be absolute fashion duds. Here’s a list of 10 celebrities who either are deliberately blind to dressing etiquette or have the worst fashion sense ever.

1. Vidya Balan


She might have taken the whole dressing Indian thing way too seriously and seems to have taken it to a new level altogether. There’s no denying a fact that it time to either gift her a proper mirror or a new dress stylist.

2. Ekta Kapoor


Famously known as the queen of the telly world, Ekta Kapoor is also infamously known for her huge wedges and long strapless gowns with plunging necklines.

3. Sonakshi Sinha


In her bid to prove all those calling her fat, wrong; this starlet has begun to dress up in clothes which are a tad bit too tight for her leading to her looking a tad bit too tacky.

4. Chunkey Pandey


Wearing shocking pink floral t-shirts with a white pantsuit are definitely earning this celebrity bad flak.

5. Govinda


This veteran star has forever enthralled us with his comic timing and slapstick humour. His dressing sense though hasn’t really. Green and red aren’t really supposed to be worn together.

6. Rani Mukherjee


Although at one point the most loved actress of them all, today this diva seems to have given her a fashion sense a toss and started dressing very garishly. We need our Tina back please!

7. Rakhi Sawant


She is not only known for being hungry for publicity but also her whacky dressing sense, which most often than not gives us all a bad eye sore.

8. Mallika Sherawat


This leggy lass, for reason unknown likes to expose herself in the most unbecoming of ways at most social dos. She gives figure-hugging clothes a whole new meaning altogether.

9. Ranveer Singh


This actor oozes charm and flamboyance. But sometimes this flamboyance takes the better of his judgement when it comes to his fashion sense, which ends up bordering on outrageous then.

10. Mika Singh


Very old looking scarfs and the ever attached pair of glares, which have almost taken a look of the non-detachable limb for this singer, make him a sure member of this list.