10 things every girl must do with her best friend


At any point of time in life, your best friend is family. She is your soul mate and is someone you can never get rid of. Be it in the happy times of sad ones, you know you’ll have her back at any cost.

So alanti best friend tho there are somethings you should not miss to do.

1. Go on an unplanned vacation1.-Go-on-an-unplanned-vacation
2. Cook together.2.-Cook-together
3. Go on a shopping trip.3.-Go-on-a-shopping-trip
4. Plan a lot of sleepovers4.-Plan-a-lot-of-sleepovers
5. Sing and dance together.5.-Sing-and-dance-together.
6. If there is anything that scares you, do that adventure together.6.-If-there-is-anything-that-scares
7. Watch horror films together.7.-Watch-horror-films-together.
8. Plan each others’ weddings perfectly8.-Plan-each-others'-weddings-perfectly
9. Trekking is amazingly fun.9.-Trekking-is-amazingly-fun
10. Last, but not at all the least, promise to each other that you’ll stay best of friends for life.10.-Last,-but-not-at-all-the-least,-promise