10 types of neighbors we all have


Staying in a huge community or a colony or an active neighborhood gives all of us a chance to meet different people or varied mindsets. And very definitely, most of us might’ve come across a few of these types.

1. Typical Gossip Neighbor1neighborsThey have information that even a media person would miss to collect. They come to our houses and talk and talk about everyone else in the world like a strategy to change the universe.

2. Silent ones2neighborsVeellu ekva pattinchkoru. They do not talk nor do they listen. And kalisinapudu also there isn’t much talking happening.

3. The fighting couple3neighborsThere is a couple who is always fighting and apudapudu the lady comes over when the men are out of the house to seek some peace in complaining.

4. The Godmother and Godfather4neighborsThey are the nicest of every person. We love going to their home and also sharing our house with them. They are so nice with people of all ages.

5. The one with a scary dogs5neighborsThis house isn’t welcoming for many because of the presence of some gigantic dogs. A few who love playing with such dogs find this place a paradise.

6. The Rich Family6neighborsThey are extremely rich that their parties envy a lot of them in the neighborhood. And the cars that are out of their house is a visual candy to watch.

7. The best friend neighbor7neighborsWe have that house of our bestest friend that is often called as our second homes. It is so amazing that these friends live with us throughout our lives.

8. The ‘boasting about son’ neighbor8neighborsThese people talk about their ‘koduku’ so much that it gets on to our nerves. Kondaru parents take it so serious that their kid also has to do something real great and a few others listen it with a deaf ear.

9. The ‘Pelli-fixing’ neighbor9neighborsThis family is always concerned as to who has crossed 20 and who should be getting married. They irritate parents and also us for wedding.

10. The fighter-bats!10neighborsThese people search oka reason andaritho fight cheyyaniki. Reason dorkithe chalu, egiri padtharu.