10 Types Of Salesmen You Always Come Across..!!!


Hi guys! I noticed this when I went shopping, that there are so many types of salespeople, you can’t just categorise them as one. There are some you like talking to, there are some that you want to ignore and finally there are some that you just want to get rid of. Let’s look at some of these types today!

1. The Chipku Type1 - chipak typeImagine this: You’re in a shopping plaza, just relaxing, possibly window shopping, trying to have a nice relaxed time with yourself. And then, this salesperson comes to you with the regular “Can I help you ma’am “, and you’re like” No, I’m fine”. But he/she doesn’t get a hint and says “No ma’am you must try out our new collection, it’s right here, right by the door, if you can come with me ma’am, I’ll show you now”. And you’re thinking,’ Dude! Can’t you leave me alone!’
This is the Chipku type of salesperson, the one who has to help you, even if you don’t need help. Oh and of course, they can’t take a hint. They will follow you all around the place and won’t leave your side until you do what they want you to.

2.The Overexcited type2 - over eotcetedThese guys are just too happy in life, more happy than your entire gang of friends will ever be! They always greet you with a smile on their faces, always talking about something new in their store that you absolutely have to try! And everything you pick is the most amazing thing you have picked up, the best product of their store!

3. The Talkative type3 - over talktive typeThis Chatty Cathy is going to be on the whole time you will be in that store, they will find something to talk about the entire time, even when your brain is trying to go in a snooze. By the end of your shopping trip, you would be wondering why you had ever decided to go in that store in the first place, and even if you did, why he/she decided to wait on you. Beware of this type to stay away from a headache.

4.The Attitude type4 - attitudeThese guys don’t like their job, seriously they don’t. If you ask them to find something for you, or ask them where a particular section is, they’ll probably just point in a direction without even replying to you. These holier-than-thou people just want to finish their day and relax possibly. Well, you can’t blame them, but seriously dude, learn something from Chatty Cathy.

5.The Ignoring type5 - ignoringNow these guys are just bored in life, they want to be in their own world, they’re probably fantasizing about a better life. When you ask them for something, very conveniently, they would find that the shelf they are arranging is more interesting than whatever you want to know. It’s only after you call them repeatedly that they realize you were talking to them. It’s okay; everyone is entitled to their drama I think. Anyway, you’re bored; they’re bored, let’s just move on.

6.The Friendly type6 - friendlyNow these guys are the good guys, the normal guys, if you know what I mean. You ask them for something, they look at you, greet you and direct you accordingly. But they are not like the creepy guys, they are good and sweet and perfect for you, very helpful you could say. They are the ones who make shopping a pleasant experience.

7.The Encyclopaedia type7 - encyclopidiaThese guys remind you of the Rajdhani express. “Do you know about his product’s features ma’am?” without pausing, “I shall, tell you about it” and go on until they run out of breath, and trust me, that doesn’t happen soon enough. They are gonna go on talking about the product, without bothering about whether you are interested in it or not. After they are done with their mini speech you can say, if they know you are not interested, they just give a puppy-dog face and within the next five minutes you will find them continuing the same speech to the next person they can find.

8.The Busy type8 - busyThese guys are very busy in life. When they walk by you, and you make the mistake of asking them something, in a very exasperated manner they just mumble something and walk off or ask you to ask the next person.

9.The Determined type9 - noThey are those type of people who will try to convince you until you are convinced, they will go on repeating the features of the product, reiterate as to how that’s the best product that you will ever find and keep looking at ways of how they can make you buy that product. Beware of these guys to keep some money left in your pocket!

10.The Hot type10 - hotNow they, are eye-candy in the store. This category is a little difficult to find, but when you do find them, you turn out to have one or the other question to ask of them. It is also possible that you lay dumb sometimes, just to ask them about something. It’s okay I guess, we are allowed to have some fun I guess!

So here we go! That’s just some of the salespeople you will encounter in your life. Hope you enjoyed it!