11 Lessons we learn from Mana priyamaina ammalu


Mana childhood nunchi our mothers played a vital role in giving us advices, helping us and making the person we are. They have struggled in themselves when we are unhappy and felt all the happiness when we smile. They feed their stomachs with the fullness of our stomachs. Such is the greatness of a mother’s love. Here are some lessons she has always taught us since our childhood.

1. Never make decisions when in anger.1-Mana-priyamaina-ammalu
2. To pack our luggages in such a way that motham trip lo eh okka thing kosam search cheyyalsina avasaram undodhu.2-luggages
3. Save money.3-save-money
4. Never waste food.4.-Never-waste-food.
5. Everyone need not be perfect. Their beauty comes out those imperfections they enjoy being with.5.-Everyone
6. Love is the best thing we can give and take to anyone and everyone.6.-Love-is-the-best-thing
7. Keep patience.7.-Keep-patience
8. To be selfless8.-To-be-selfless
9. To never give up at any point in life.9.-To-never
10. The importance of all the values we must learn in life.10.-The-importance
11. Handling Responsibilities11.-Handling-Responsibilities