11 Things people who sweat a lot will understand


Sweat exercise cheshnapudu or hot ga unapudu osthe bauntadi..anthe kani epudu padithe apudu, ela padithe ala osthe daridranga untadi. So here are the problems and situations faced by people who sweat a lot.

1. Everything you wear turns wet in just a little while.1 sweat
2. You have so many sweat controlling products in your daily routine.2 sweat
3. Evarikanna shake hand isdham ante…first hands ni wipe cheksovali..3 sweat
4. And if you go to a gym, you’re done!!!!4 sweat
5. You always have people point to you that you are sweating!5 sweat
6. Summer is the best and worst enemy. 6 sweat
7. Light colored shirts eskunte..sweat marks are like horrible.7 sweat
8. Manam edanna marchipotham other than a deodorant.8 sweat
9. Make up eskunna eskokapoina, it makes no sense!9 sweat
10. Evaranna emaina adgithe, hands lift cheyyalante problem untadi. Sweat amma!!!10 sweat
11. Sitting for a long time is a problem too.11 sweat