12 Telugu movies that are based on Real-Life Incidents!


1. Rakhta Charitra (Part -1,2)1Real-Life-IncidentsThis film is a two-part movie based on gang wars and political conflicts between Paritala Ravindra and Maddela Cheruvu Suri in Rayalaseema.

2. Gautami Putra Satakarni2Real-Life-IncidentsThis is a story of ruler of the Satavahana Empire in present-day Deccan region of India and how he aspired of making the country a single nation.

3. Bezawada3Real-Life-IncidentsThe film is based on real life incidents and some gang wars between Devineni and Vangaveeti families in the city of Vijayawada during the 80s and 90s.

4. Shiva4Real-Life-IncidentsThis film was based on RGV’s experiences as a student one of the colleges.

5. Rudramadevi5Real-Life-IncidentsIt depicts the brave life and circumstances faced by Queen Rudhramadevi and Kakatiya Dynasty during her reign.

6. Malupu6Real-Life-IncidentsThe film is inspired by a real incident that happened over a decade ago, says its director Sathya Prabhas Pinisetty. It’s about an incident that happened to his friends, and it changed their perspective about life completely.

7. Kshanam7Real-Life-IncidentsThis movie is taken from the real life incident that Adivi Sesh witnessed. They made it into a fictional story with all the gripping elements.

8. Antahpuram8Real-Life-IncidentsKrishna Vamsi’s Antahpuram was based on Not without My Daughter by Betty Mahmoodi which was a true story.

9. Premalo Padithe9Real-Life-IncidentsThe climax was completely inspired by a real incident that happened in the North where as the entire plot was a spunned backwards.

10. Avataram10Real-Life-IncidentsThe story is based on an incident in Kerala that the filmmaker came across recently. It’s about a woman who takes the devil head-on with her ability to do something extraordinary. Some changes were made to the original story and adapted it to the screen.

11. Na Bangaru Thalli11Real-Life-IncidentsThis movie touched many hearts with terrific performances and direction exploring true effects of trafficking and exposure of trust. This film is based on real life story of Dr. Sunitha Krishnan.

12. Dheerga Sumangali Bhava12Real-Life-IncidentsS.V. Krishna Reddy, the director of this movie received several letters from a women named Vani to make a movie about circumstances occurred in her life.

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