15 Things only people with sweet tooth will understand


Food lo chaala varietie untay and kondarki konni ishtam. Ala there are a percentage of people who love desserts. Sweets, icecreams, cakes, pasteries, everything and anything made with a tinge of sugar are something that kontha mandi will love to the core!!!! Vallaki ivi tinte chaalu, life is beautiful! Ilanti people lives lo konni common things jarugutayi..

1. Friends or family tho buffet ki velthe..main course edo ala ala tinesi direct ga dessert section ki velpotham. Akada every single variety taste chestham.1people with sweet tooth

2. Evarain dieting chesthe konni cheat days petkuntaru. Aa cheat days lo we only eat desserts.2people with sweet tooth

3. City lo kotha places enni ochina kuda..we filter them out and pick the dessert bars only.3people with sweet tooth

4. Intlo fun ki mothers or anyone vaalla daughters tho antu untaru.. “Neeku icecream factory unodiki ichi pelli chestham..apudu chakkaga icecreams tinochu”.4people with sweet tooth

5. Manaki mana siblings edaina pani chepthe..we ask the mfor a sweet treat in return.5people with sweet tooth

6. Intlo emaina sweets chesthe, we prefer eating a little more of them rather than eating any other junk!6people with sweet tooth

7. Evaraina city lo desserts ekada bauntay ani adagatam alasyam, we are ready with a list of places to tell them.7people with sweet tooth

8. Edaina bakery or dessert bar mundu nunchi velthe, daani smell becomes our therapy.8people with sweet tooth

9. Eh hotel ki vellina, we first turn the menu to the dessert page.9people with sweet tooth

10. Intlo amma ni we keep asking to make halwa, gulab jamoon, kheer or anything that is possible.10people with sweet tooth

11. Our everlasting love is for a bottle of Nutella 😛11people with sweet tooth

12. Nu eh place ki travel cheyyalanukunna, you try and find out the best sweet that is available aa place lo.12people with sweet tooth

13. Ni stomach lo oka compartment untadi which is only loaded with desserts!13people with sweet tooth

14. If you share desserts with anyone, vaallu ni life lo entha important oo vaallu ardham cheskovali.14people with sweet tooth

15. You are not scared of becoming fat. Actually you are not thinking of it while having the dessert. We manage our life style when we are not having one.15people with sweet tooth