Why Ajith Comes Across As A Special Actor ??


One of the most endeared characters to have the graced the screen for Tamil cinema is Ajith Kumar aka Thala Ajith. Born to a Sindhi mother and a Malayali father and did not speak Hindi as a child. However, once he decided to take up acting as a career, Ajith mastered the language. We take a look as to why he is considered one of the most popular actors in the state and what the future holds:

  • Born racer:


As almost anybody who watches Tamil cinema is aware, Ajith Kumar is a born racer who loves fast cars and sport bikes. His addiction to racing has seen him race for India too in the Formula 2 and the Formula BMW Asia making him a hero to the thousands of young boys and men who follow the circuit regularly. On top of that, he also has a keen interest in bike racing as was seen in the film, Mangatha, where he performed his own stunts.

  • Marriage to Shalini:


Ajith Kumar was one of the up coming popular stars of the South by the time his marriage with Shalini was fixed. Shalini was a beloved actress from the South owing to her performances as Baby Shalini in many roles in her childhood days. When Ajith proposed and the marriage was fixed, many people were elated as one of their favourite stars was getting married to their favourite actress. Both of them are still going strong and have two children, Anoushka (8) and Aadvik (1).

  • Down to Earth nature:


A facet that has drawn not only praise but also awe from many quarters is the down to earth nature that Ajith possesses. Numerous co-stars and actors have spoken about how nice and calm Ajith is and his down to earth nature is something that has inspired many to learn how to handle that amount of success. He has also not given his permission to start an official fan club in his name as he does not want fans to worship him as is the case in Tamil Nadu.

  • Stylish films:


Obviously, this fact had to feature in this list. Ajith Kumar’s style has taken the state by storm and he is arguably the finest looking Tamil actor in a suit. Most of his films are centred on his style and looks and he pulls them off brilliantly. With so many good things to write about Ajith, he sure is someone whom you can pay to watch in a theatre and makes good movies.

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