5 best icecream joints in Hyderabad


Icecream ante tathala nunchi papala varuku andariki ishtam. Maybe that’s why so many new ice cream joints are coming up.

Team wirally mee kosam hyderabad mottham tirigi 5 best icecream joints ni shortlist chesindi :

1.Cream stone: Icecream nachina valaki idi adda anavachu.The best thing about this place is they provide icecream in waffle bowls. Inka best enti ante waffles vala staff ae taiyaru chestaru.Raka rakala flavors toh creamstone chala youngsters ki favorite spot aypoindi.
Location: Gvk mall,in orbit mall, Opposite kbr
Price: Rs.120 onwards
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2.Naturals: Peru lone telustundi ee icecream joint gurinchi.Yes, the icecreams are natural fruit or nuts or sometimes vegetable flavors for example-gajar ka halwa. 1984 lo first time Naturals ni Mumbai lo introduce chesaru .Their thick and fruit milkshakes are also a huge hit. What’s best about this place is they keep introducing special flavours every now and then like shahi kurma.How cool is that!

Location: Sd road,sri nagar colony
Price: Rs 60 per scoop
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3. Indulge: Asalu ikada unna flavors Hyderabad lo inka ekada undavu. Ranging from spicy coconut to jeera sorbet. Ee place speciality enti ante every time you buy an ice cream he’ll give you a cute tea cup free.
Location: Opp mufakamzah college
Price: Rs.120
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4.Frosticks: Manam chinapuddu ice cream kaddi or lolli anevalamu.. gurtochinda? Daani veelu frosticks antunaru. They just melt in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. Ide kakunda manaki kavalsini topping kuda veskovachu mana frostick paina.
Location:  gvk mall, opposite kbr
Price: rs70
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5. Famous ice cream: Pakka Hyderabadi ki ee place baga telusntadi. Yenno yellaga unna ee ice cream parlor kothaga vachinavatiki tight competition istundi. Ice cream prices kuda chala takkuva ikkada. So next time when you’re on a low budget and have to throw a party to your friends, you know where to come 😉
Location: Nampally
Price: Rs30 onwards
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