5 Big Questions That Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Faced During His Face-off With The Senators


Manandariki telisina vishayam, last few weeks nundi, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, face chestuna criticism and questions after data scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a UK-based political data firm, which worked for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. E firm, almost 87 million FB users data vala permission lekunda access chesindi, and we already discussed about the issue.

Now, as many as 55 members of Congress questioned him regarding the FB’s data collection practices and here we are sharing the questions, he faced and Mark’s answers to them.

1. Does Facebook track your internet activity outside the app?facebook

Mississippi nundi vachina Senator Roger Wicker, ane Republican Mark ni Facebook lo oka app ki manam access ivakapoyina, and danni use cheyakapoyina, adi mana internet activity track cheyagalada, ani adigaru, to which Zuckerberg admitted that Facebook does track users even when they’re not logged in. And he continued saying, FB does it for security protection and to make sure the ads are effective.

2. If I delete Facebook, how long will it take for Facebook to purge my data?facebook

Senator Dean Heller, who is a Republican from Nevada asked Zuckerberg, oka FB account delete chesina tarvata, enta time patidi, to delete the individual’s data, Mark responses as FB rules prakaram it might take up to 90 days to remove data after a Facebook account is permanently deleted. But Mark ni e question adiginapudu, tanu sarigga answer ivalekapoyaru, exact ga enta time tesukuntaru ani and third-parties elopu a information access cheyagalada ani. And users eh a applications ni contact chesi, vala data delete cheyali ani kuda request petali ani cheparu.

3. Who is Facebook’s biggest competitor?facebook

Facebook owns three of the top 10 free apps in the Apple App Store: Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger and also Whatsapp. When Senator Graham, South Carolina nundi vachina Republican, Mark ni tana biggest competitor gurinchi adigaru, to which Mark replied as, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon.

Ive kakunda, Americans roju chala applications use chestuntaru and they have competition from a bunch of apps.

4. Will Facebook do anything about its confusing privacy policy and terms of service?facebook

Mark admitted that the FB privacy policy and terms of service are hard to understand and most of the people avi chadavakundane account open chestaru. Memu chala try chestunam, e terms and conditions ni simple cheyadaniki and valaki ardamayetu, but FB failed to do so till now.

5. Is Facebook willing to change its business model?5 - paid version

Congresswoman Eshoo, Mark ni FB ki edanna alternative business model unda to protect privacy ani question chesaru and he replied that twaralone they might introduce a paid version of it and also continued that their mission is to bring the world closer together and anduke, we are offering a service that they can afford. But he didn’t give any clarity regarding the paid version.

Well, asalu inka e issue ekadidaka veltundo chudam..! Looks like nothing is safe right now!