5 Things you should tell your girl more often


Valentines day is almost here, Matal tho nijamgane maya cheyochu. Prathi ammayi impress ayi special ga feel ayedhi sweet words valane. Maatal ni life long gurthupetkuntaru amayilu.

So here are few words which will make your girl feel super special

· You are important to me : Mee life lo tana importance ni realize cheyadam is very sweet. Prathi phase of life lo tana place epaatiki important and special ani ee line teluptadi. Just a text or sudden ga conversation lo chepthe, she will freeze the moment forever.1 - important

· I am proud of you : Life lo, career lo tana position ni respect chesthu , ee line is just like a tap on her back, Tana every part of life lo tanani encourage chesthu, and she will realize that, You are very proud and chala happy to have her in your life.2 - you care

· Yes, I am listening : Oka guy ee line chepthe it feels like heaven amaylaki. Most of the days, girls frustrated untaru, all they need is a person to listen, ade vala boyfriend or husband ayithe tanaki most comfortable.3 - listening

· You look beautiful : Tanani prasie cheyandi, just tell her she is beautiful tanu messy hair tho una, night dress lo una she is beautiful ante, she will definitely feel she is the luckiest ani.4 - beautiful

· Eat whatever you want : Most of the girls chala particular untaru , ekva tinodhu lavu aypotharu ani . Ade if you tell her that lavu ayna you are mine and ela una you are perfect ani chepandi. That will really help.5 - wat