Strange laws from around the world


Driving a dirty car in Russia:strange laws Russia lo it is illegal to drive a dirty car. St Petersburg inka Moscow lo dirty car kanabadthe they’ll be heavily fined.

Chewing gum in Singapore:strange laws
Meeru Singapore ki elle mundhu, don’t forget to dump all your gum intlo. Singapore lo chewing gum sell cheyaru. Import kuda strictly illegal. Chewing gum chew chesthu kanabadthe inka fine eh! This is done to keep their public places clean.
Naming your baby something weird in Denmark:strange lawsDenmark lo 7000 government approved names unnayi. Meeru mee baby kosam name ee names nunche choose chesukovaali. If not, meeru government nunchi special permission teesukovaali.
Whistling in Canada:strange lawsOntario lo unna Petrolia city lo whistle cheyadamu is illegal. Idhe kaakunda singing, yelling inka shouting is also banned ikkada.
Chickens crossing road in Georgia:strange lawsGeorgia lo chicken ki road cross cheyanivadamu illegal. This law wants owners to keep a check on their chickens.
Recklessly biking in Mexico:strange lawsBikers vaalla kaallu pedals meedhi nunchi teeyaddhu as ila chesthe bike di control thapputundhi. This was done, road safety kosamu.
Wearing heels in Greece:strange lawsMeeru Greece ki historical sightseeing eltunaaru ante don’t forget to leave your stilettos back home. Chala ancient monuments deggara high heels esukovadamu is banned because heels might damage the monuments.
Getting someone drunk in Australian Pubs: strange lawsAustralian pubs lo customers ki ekkuvaga taagupisthe a heavy fine will be imposed.
Not letting someone in for using the restroom in Scotland: Scot LandScotland lo evaraina mee main door medha lock chesi bathroom elaccha ani aduguthe you must allow them mee intlo, according to the law. Idhi Scotland lo compulsory ga paatinchaali.
Frowning in Italy:9 - Italy Milan, Italy lo public places lo frown cheyadamu is illegal. You can only frown if meeru evardaina funeral ki elthe ledha evarinaina hospital lo visit chesthe.
Flushing in Switzerland:10 - swizerland10 pm taravaatha it is against the law to flush a toilet, apartment building lo.