6 Amazing Facts About DeadPool You Never Ever Ever Heard!!


By Siddharth Naidu

Merc with a (motor) mouth is back for good, after that God awful (lip sewn) campaign in Wolverine : Origins. Thankfully, X-Men movies have skewed up their timeline post ‘Days Of Future Past’, which gives our unnatural superhero a fair deal of reimagining space. And Boy aren’t we glad for that. If the trailers are anything to go by, (And I’m talking about the Red Band Ones, not the baccha under thirteen Green band ones) DeadPool, cleverly releasing, on the Valentine’s Day, is gonna touch down some pretty aggressive numbers. And even if it doesn’t, we are betting our money on it, to eventually become a cult classic. Thereby we wanted to show off our DeadPool fact sheet with you guys, before you head to the movies and see him blow your minds

Studios be like “Let’s try it out…And then Kaboosh..!!”

gif 1A 3 minute test reel was shot in January 2012 in an attempt to convince the heads of the studio to move forward with the movie. On August 1st 2014, the footage was released to the public, and based on the overwhelmingly positive response from fans, the film finally began production. The footage was so popular part of it was recreated for the actual film. The film was shot in 48 days.

Chinese Be Like “ Dude, that’s hard shit….We ain’t rolling that..!!”

gif 2
China refused to grant a certificate so the film could be shown there. While China’s film import market is best known for supporting or blocking films based on how they present Chinese characters and stories (where applicable), that wasn’t a factor with “Deadpool”; China also often censors out extreme violence, profanity movies before release, and this film contains a large amount of all three. While the Chinese censors did consider such an edit here, they ultimately decided that the cuts needed to make “Deadpool” into a general audience picture would make it incomprehensible, and thus decided not to have the film in Chinese theaters at all.
You Must Be Wondering…Why The Red Suit…!!

gif 3

The Deadpool costume had a muscle layer underneath, that had to be removed because Ryan Reynolds was so muscular the costume was not only too tight for him but it made him look overlarge. The red suit isn’t just so the bad guys won’t see him bleed, but is actually inspired by the web-slinger himself, Spider-Man. In the trailer Wade Wilson requests, “Don’t make the super suit green- or animated!”. That was him taking a dig at his own potrayal of Green Lantern,2011.

It’s already so awesome…They so wanna touch it once more..!!

gif 4

Producers confirmed a potential sequel is in the works and it could serve as a crossover with Gambit and the X-Men. Considering the overall failure of Fantastic Four (2015), the sequel could likely replace the sequel-in-jeopardy of Fantastic Four. Director Tim Miller has already sketched out plans for the supposed sequels as well, with Ryan Reynolds returning to play the titular role.

The X-Men Connect And Crossover Routines..!

gif 5

Colossus, a character from the original X-Men film series, is set to have a role in this movie. This means the film may take place in modern day. This is the first film in the X-Men franchise to receive an R-rating. Marvel characters Cannonball and Garrison Kane were deleted from subsequent rewrites of the script, with the latter specifically being omitted due to budgetary concerns.

You never get old for this stuff….Never..!!

gif 6

Thanks to the experiments of the Weapon X program, Deadpool’s healing factor is so incredible that it has allowed him to survive otherwise-fatal injuries dozens of times. Deadpool has often sacrificed his body for others safety, sparing others the pain of certain death. Deadpool has been shown to survive some of the harshest, physically damaging events known, and yet he comes out alive. Among other things, Deadpool has survived a nuclear bomb, decapitation, and dismemberment. Even further, he himself donates his own organs on a regular basis because they grow back so quickly.

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So we’ve done so much for you, it’s your turn to be single on February 14th and basically..DeadPool and Chill!!