6 Easy And Simple Tips To Remove Any Kind Of Stains


Usual ga manam intlo edanna work chestunapudo or tintunapudo, mana clothes meda and floor meda stains padadam common. So ala jariginapudu, instead of just panicking, use these simple hacks to remove tough stains in just a few seconds. Check out the hacks given below:

1. Use Vinegar to remove coffee stains from clothes or carpets.01 Tips to remove stains

2. Use a spoon of sugar to remove nail polish stains from the floor.02 Tips to remove stains

Just put a spoon of sugar on the stain mark and remove it with a cloth.

3. Use window cleaner to remove ink marks from shirts03 Tips to remove stains

Munduga, oka tissue paper ni stain kinda petti, then spray window cleaner on top of it. Ipudu danni wash cheyandi. Just simple kada!

4. Make use of the hair spray to remove the lip stick marks from clothes.04 Tips to remove stains

5. Use ice-cube to remove gum from clothes05 Tips to remove stains

6. Use the mixture of baking soda and vinegar to remove any kind of stains from tiles.06 Tips to remove stains