6 Things You Relate To If Your Boy Friend Also Loves Texting


It is rare to find guys who loves texting. Endukanta chala mandi abbailu direct ga matladaniki prefer chestaru than texting. Even vala girl friends too much text chesina vallu reply ivvaru, instead they use call option. So, 8 things you relate to if your boyfriend is also love texting.

1. Never ending conversations1.-Never-ending-conversationsIf your boyfriend also loves texting, then tanu asalu conversations end cheyadaniki istapadadu. Throughout day, a conversation continue avtune untadi.

2. Time Saver2.-Time-SaverUsually, manam gantalu gantalu wait cheyali get reply for our texts. But tanaki kuda texting istamaitey, obviously he will text immediately and it saves a lot of our time.

3. Special typing power3.-Special-typing-powerYou will get this special typing power. Kallato chudakunda you can type a huge paragraph and he also can do the same. Usually, boys don’t prefer to type long paragraphs, but he will do that for you.

4. Instant Updates4.-Instant-UpdatesMeru gantalu gantalu wait cheyalsina pani ledu. He will text you everything instantly. Malli tana call kosam evening daka wait cheyanavasaramledu.

5. No Amount Of Distance Can Keep You Apart5.-No-Amount-Of-Distance-Can-Keep-You-ApartDistance means nothing when you two love texting each other. From morning to evening, me idaru text cheskuntune untaru kabati, distance is just kilometers for both of you.

6. No place for misunderstandings6.-No-place-for-misunderstandingsIf you both are comfortable with texting, then there will be no place for misunderstandings. You will what exactly she meant in her text, though it’s difficult to express emotions and sarcasm through texts.