7 Rose flavoured delicacies for Ramzan!


Ramzan or Ramadan marks great importance to all our Muslim friends and also is a month of celebration in the entire city irrespective of what religion you belong to. It is a custom that Muslims fast all the time during daylight and break their fast in the evening after their namaz. It is a custom that they should break their fast and start Iftar in the evening with a rose flavored drink. Rose has frangrance and flavors that pull up our taste buds and is considered a frangrance that their prophet was fond of. Rose leaves a lot coolness in our body when consumed. Hence is preferred a lot during summers.

Here are some rose flavored dishes that we can also make at home.

1. Rose Petal Rice1.-Rose-Petal-RiceIt is a dish that elevates sweetness in a very different way. We can prep it by cooking rice in milk, sugar, saffron and fresh rose petals.

2. Gulab Phirni2.-Gulab-PhirniPhirni is a dish prominent during this festive season. We can make it by thickening milk with rice flour and flavored with cardamom, saffron, rose water and rose petal powder.

3. Rose Petal Sorbet3-Rose-Petal-SorbetThis is like any other sorbet with some fresh rose flavor added to it. we bet you that this can cool your body and minds like any miracle can do.

4. Gulkand Cupcake4-Gulkand-CupcakeCupcakes are one of those tastiest desserts that we crave for, no matter what time it is. Add this rose petal preserve to your cupcakes and icing to take tastiness to far next level.

5. Rose Meringue with fruits and dates5.-Rose-MeringueThis is a dessert you can have endlessly without mere guilt. Dates, rose and fruits is a deadly combination and this dessert will become your favorite when you have it. add fresh rose petals, rose water and some lime juice to your basic meringue and the beauty is done.

6. Rose loaded faluda6.-Rose-loaded-faludaAdd rose flavored syrup or sherbhat to a famuda and top it with icecream. A summer and Ramadan beauty like this will make you crave for it endlessly.

7. Rose Halwa7-Rose-HalwaAdd rose syrup to milk, cream and make a halwa like you usually do and watch how wonder happen.