6 Ways a Dating App is better than ‘Arranged’ Love


Back in the day, once a son/daughter hit early 20s, parents would activate ‘Match Finding Mode’. It is a process that involved everybody in the social circle. From uncles, aunties, distant relatives, barbers, grocery store owners to the milkman, everybody was informed about the issue at hand, and would contribute towards finding a suitable match.

However, like with every other aspect of our lives, technology has changed that too. Today, it is possible for you as a youngster to choose your own partner. Thanks to dating apps, you have the luxury of choosing a partner who could be your ideal partner, without the pressure of your family (and everybody around you) pressurizing you.

While the traditions are as old as the hills, there are a few ways that ‘found’ love is better. Have a look and let us know if you agree!

1. Choice. A dating app allows you to choose your partner yourself, instead of your family members, a common friend, or the Sunday matrimonial doing it for you. There are no parameters for your search, and attraction and chemistry are the only criteria. There is no pressure for you to meet someone for a few minutes, and instantly deliver your ‘verdict’, because there are two families waiting for your reaction. An app lets you take it at your own pace, and discover your partner before getting into any sort of commitment.

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PC: dailyreadlist.com

2. Physical attraction: A dating app lays emphasis on physical attraction, which is an often ignored point in ‘arranged’ relationships. It has long been proven that for a relationship to last, there needs to be love, attraction and chemistry between the couple. An app lets you get a proper idea about a person before making your decision, and it is much better than the standard format of ‘Please go to that room and talk to each other’.

3. Honesty: Since there’s no pressure or judgment, you can actually be more honest with a partner you meet on a dating app. In an arranged situation, you can’t be fully honest because there are two families at stake and a small mistake could snowball into a huge issue. You are always conscious of hurting or offending people’s sentiments. However, an app lets you take your time and open up to each other and built trust.

4. Security: A dating app allows you to decide the pace of the relationship yourself. You’re never forced to do anything against your wishes, and there’s nobody’s approval to seek before embarking on any activity. You are also not forced to meet a stranger alone and can afford to take your time to win someone’s trust before meeting the person. In a way, it is a more secure method.


5. No Social Evils: Arranged marriages traditionally resort to archaic customs like Dowry, caste, religious bias, gothra, etc. Finding a partner yourself allows you to bypass these regressive steps, and lay most importance on the person you seek. Everything else is secondary.

6. A Liberal, forward thinking outlook: Dating apps today allow you to choose a partner according to similar interests, passions and careers. This means you do not have to compromise in terms of your ethics, beliefs, career options, or life goals.

A relationship is a bond between two hearts. Nothing can replace that.

Go ahead, take one step. The universe will take ten steps towards you. Good luck! 🙂


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