Things We Experience If we are Best Friend with Opposite Gender

Believe or not, having an opposite gender as a best friend is the cutest thing. Even though most of the people in our friends’ circle, think we are a couple, but there are many pros of being BFF with them. If you are one among them, you will relate to the below things:
1. Hanging out with them is something special
Yes, they will make you adopt new hobbies and interests. The tennis rackets exchange with video games and much more.
2. They are best love gurus 
No one can give best love ideas than your BFF. They even make you rehearsal, before the big day. What more we need?
3. They never come in between your love life
They are always your strengths, but never turn to be your weakness. He/She will always give your time with your partner. 3.-They-never-come-in-between-your-love-life
4. Possibility of dramatic outbursts are few
Well, in contrast to the dramatic scenes in Telugu films, the emotional outbursts are very few and sometimes none. Isn’t it fun to have a care free life?4-Sri-Divya-and-Arya-in-Bangalore-Naatkal
5. They are your emergency dates
If you want an entry to a pub on weekends or an event, they will always come in hand with you as a couple. They never give you stag wala feeling. 5.-They-are-your-emergency-dates
6. You can behave filter proof
Yes, you can discuss with your girlfriends without any filter, because they never judge you. Instead, they give you suggestions sometimes. 6.-You-can-behave-filter-proof
7. They are a gateway to hot dates.
If you want to go on a date with a beautiful lady, then they will make it possible. Yes, opposite gender best friend means free admission into the hot world of their friends, roommates, and classmates. 7.-They-are-a-gateway-to-hot-dates
8. They give honest opinions
Unlike others, they are the one who makes you feel embarrassed in public with their honest opinions. But trust me, they are the best. They won’t let anyone give bad comments about anything. 8.-They-give-honest-opinions
9. They care you the most
If you are not feeling well, not just send you a get well soon message, but they sit beside you and eat your favorite ice cream. 9.-They-care-you-the-most
10. They always support you
They always stand beside one and don’t let anyone raise a finger against you. They give support than anyone in the world. 10.-They-always-support-you