7 Effective Home Remedies For Constipation


Daily lifestyle chages inka food habits valla chala health issues osthunai, andhulo constipation lanti problems inka regular ga untundi. Unhealthy junk food , over alcohol consumption, irregular lifestyle habits inka yenno. Eelanti habits valla mana body pyna chala pressure inka effect paduthundi. Constipation lanti problems ni chala varaku ignore chesthu untam , kanni long run lo chala health issues osthai. Constipation chala rakalu ga untai Occasional constipation, chronic constipation, travel-related inka age related. Basic ga constipation endhuku osthundi ? Main cause enti ?constipation

1. Less intake of fluids:constipation Roju min 3-4 lit of water intake undali , insufficient intake of water, constipation lanti problems ni increase chesthundi.

2. Medication:constipationserious medical problems unna vallaki medicine s valla constipation problem untundi . Ee medicine beskuney vallu iron supplements veskuntey constipation problem nunchi koncham relief untundi.

3. Lack of exercise:constipationRegular ga exercise lekapothey metabolism decrease avuthundi , eedi indigestion lanti problems ni increase chesthundi.

4. Diet change: constipationHigh-fat food, excess alcohol inka immediate diet changes constipation ki karanam avuthundi.

Eelanti problem nunchi relief kavali antey emi cheyali ani anukuntunara? Aythey check these simple home remedies and say bye to constipation problems.

1. Good diet: constipationless oil , cholesterol full unna food ani avoid cheyali . Fresh vegetables inka fruits ni diet lo include cheskovali.

2. For better digestion:constipationnormal ga digestion unna problems valla regular ga warm water with lemon thaguthey constipation problem thaguthundi. Lemon body lo unna fats Ni stimulate chesi toxins ni flush out chesthundi .

3. Ayurveda tips:constipation Ayurveda is the best medicine. Three tablets triphala tablets warm water to before bed time taguthey chala manchidi.constipation