7 Habits of Couples Who Are In A Healthy Relationship


Couple madya oka healthy relationship maintain avadam anedi, chala kastamaina pani aitey kadu. It just need some patience and love. Koncham maturity unna couple and chivaridaka valla thone undali anukuna vallu, they sacrifice few things and also open for some adjustments. Ivala, alanti happy couples habits gurinchi discuss cheddam.

1. Vellu, vala partner ni vere valla mundu compliment cheyadaniki asalu alochincharu.1 - Sai Dharam Tej

2. Entha works lo busy aina, they know how to connect with each other and balance their lives.2 - Nani

3. They laugh freely and frequently.3 - Raci Teja4. Vala partners ni positives ni appreciate chestu untaru instead of pointing out their negatives.4 - Surya5. Situations ni ardam cheskuni, vala partners place lo undi paristitulani deal chestaru.5 - Ram6. They never stop flirting with each other. Even vallu relation lo undi oka 4 years aina sare, they still flirt with each other.6 - Pawan Kalyan7. They keep their fights clean. They forgive and move on, instead of holding grudges.

7 - Ravi Teja