7 Must To Be Known Truths Behind Our Superstitions


Superstitions are not those which our ancient forefathers passed on to us. In due course of time, the practices used in those times had certain meaning for the circumstances they were under. Our forefathers were not so particular about getting modern, hence followed some practices. Somewhere in between, these practices have bee attached with daily life sentiments and thus gave rise to many superstitions in the modern times.

Here take a look and atleast from here on pass on the right information. Else, even when your great grand-daughter makes into a Formula 1 race and is with a new car, your grand-daughter (her mother) would insist on tying a lemon and chilli string to her Ferrari.

1. Lemons to a new car or house


The cotton thread which is used to pierce the chillis and lemon absorbs the acid from the fruit while it is fresh. This smell keeps the pests and insects away from the shops. Since in the olden days there were no pesticides, this is a simple pesticide which came into practice. This has been turned and twisted and made a custom in modern day.

2. Impure during Menstruating

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Women lose some amount of blood which makes them weak during menstruation. This time they need only rest – this was only reason for them not to do any household work or cook. Since in the ancient days, sanitary pads were not available, if a woman came into the temple and unknowingly bleeds, it would be a tedious task to rectify it. To avoid all these complications, women were asked to rest at home and take care of themselves. Else, nothing was/is inauspicious. If you had an injury or sickness, would you go to temple? No, right! As simple as that.

3. 3 people lighting cigarettes at a time

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During the World War 1, a tale was told to the young ones. When it was night and you lit a pipe or cigarette and if you lit three people off the same match, a sniper would have time to zero in and he would kill the third man. It was means to be cautious, but now when smoking itself is unhealthy, we tag additionally this superstition for no reason.

4. Lizards falling on you is bad luck


The lizard has some poisonous substances emitting from its body in order to protect itself from its enemies. If such poisonous substance come in contact with body or any material humans use, they are bound to be contaminated. Which is the reason we are asked to take a bath. But, as time passed by it lead to even more complicated superstitions.

5. Cutting hair or nails post sunset 


In the olden days there was no electricity. Shaving or cutting nails would result in cutting or injuring one self after sunset because of darkness. Hence our ancestors advised not to cut nails or shave after sunset. Now, hardly anyone cares to believe this.

6. Sweeping after sunset

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In the ancient days, since there was no electricity, any ornaments or valuable things thrown on the ground wouldn’t be visible after sunset. This was the only reason, they used to not sweep post sunset. Now it has turned to a superstition.

7. Throwing coins into the river 


In the ancient times coins were made of copper and silver. They are anti-bacterial properties. Our forefathers used to throw these coins into the wells and rivers so that when they go in to take bath, there will be sufficient intake of copper and silver. It turned out to be custom without understanding its meaning in the later years.