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7 Reasons Why People Think Independent Women Do Not Fall In Love Easily


Nijalu matladukuntey mana society lo Independent women are the most misunderstood kind of people in our society. Valaki chala attitude ani, and vala sexuality gurinchi comments pass chesthu untaru ani anukovachu. Endukantey, vallu antha easy ga inkokallatho close avvaru and they are very straight forward. Be it men or women, they find it hard to make friends who are close to their heart. So, here we are sharing the reasons, why men find it hard to flatter independent women.

1. They feel insecure about being with strong and independent women

Meru baga observe chestey, sometimes men feel insecure to be around a woman who is independent. Anduke they are quite hesitant to approach them and oka ego untadi kada, adi vellanivvadu annamata.

People Think Independent Women

(Regina image from Kotha Janta)

2. Love is just a last resort for them.

Epudanna meru observe chestey, valaki first preference epudu career untadi, manchi position lo undali idi antaru. And relationships and pakkanolani impress cheyadam kante self-happiness ki chala importance istaru.

(Vijaya Shanti from Karthavyam)

3. They prefer not to take help from men, which makes men think that they are not interested.

Independent women have their own individuality and danivalla, peddaga evari help tesukoru. Valla panulu valle chesukuntaru and cheyalekapoyina, they try their best to make things workout. So, ma nundi help tesukotla kabati not interested ani anukuntaru abbayilu.

(Anushka from Rudramadevi)

4. Most of the people label them as feminists

Independent women believe in equality, maybe danni vallane vallani feminists ani anukuntaru. A desire to have equal rights for themselves can make others to label them as feminists and maybe danni vallane ‘Veelu pedda feminists’ ani feel aitharu abbailu.

(Anushka from Baahubali)

5. Konni sarlu vellu selfish laga kanipistaru

Yes, they sometimes prefer to be selfish. Mana society lo abbayilu selfish antey peddaga em problem undadu, but if a woman becomes selfish, everyone loses their mind.

(Charmee in Anukokunda Oka Roju)

6. They Stand true to their Beliefs

They never cease to hold onto themselves. Tappu aina, right aina, once vallaki idhi cheyali anipisthe, enni struggles face cheyadaniki aina ready ga untaru. They do what they wish to, and they never let others influence in making decisions.

(Mayuri from Mayuri)

7. Maybe emotional or Maybe not.

Independent women guard their emotions very well. Bayataku oka stone hearted ga kanipistaru, but deep inside they have a lot of emotions, which they just don’t want to show it. And apparently because of this, men find it hard to express their emotions.

(Nayan from Anamika)

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