8 interesting things about Bhadrachalam Temple


Bhadrachalam Temple is the one of the gloriously beautiful temples in Telangana. It is the house of Sri Ramachandra Swamy. And the more we know about this divine place, the more we feel like wanting to know. Here are few details about this place we might’ve missed to know.

1. Adi Shankaracharya had visited Bhadrachalam and named the mula-vigraha as Sri Vaikuntha Rama.1Bhadrachalam
2. Sri Vaikuntha Rama is in padmasana and is having four hands. The shankha and chakra in the upper two hands are interchanged. Shankha in the right hand signifies the importance of blessing the devotees more.2Bhadrachalam
3. In mula-vigraha, Srimati Sitadevi is sitting on the left side of the Lord and Lakshmana is also standing on the same side. However in the utsava-vigrahas, Sitadevi and Lakshmana are on the either side.3Bhadrachalam
4. Dhammakka to whom Lord Rama appeared in the dream to reveal the location of the Deities, was the descendent of Sabari.4Bhadrachalam
5. Panchamrita abhisheka is performed every Sunday in the morning. It is only during the abhisheka that one can have darshana of Lord’s lotus feet.5Bhadrachalam
6. The total cost of the temple and the jewelry of the Deities was 6,00,000 INR which was paid by Lord Rama Himself in the form of gold coins. Those coins belonged to Treta-yuga, the era of Lord Rama. Till date two coins are preserved in the temple museum.6Bhadrachalam
7. The pancha-patra which is used in the worship of Deities is made of 1.5 kg of gold.7Bhadrachalam
8. The shikhara crowing the temple is carved from a single block of granite weighing 36 tonnes.8Bhadrachalam