8 Types of shoppers we all know


It doesn’t matter if we like shopping or no. When there is need andaram deeniko daaniki shopping cheyyalsinde. Some people get out of the mall real quick while some others just spend their life out in the place.

Here are a few kinds of shoppers that we definitely meet and know.

1. The fastest shopper1shoppingThese kind of people asalu…em kavalo telsina teliyakapoina, they finish their shopping in just such a little time and go out of the mall.

2. The bargain shoppers2shoppingEmi konna, ekkada konna kuda … price tag ekva unna, takva unna, all they do is bargain till their last breath. Vallatho manam velthe, we just have to tell them the piece that we liked and they will do the rest.

3. The slow shoppers3shoppingShopping ki oka mall ki velthe, they spend 5 hours and come out without buying anything at all.

4. The shopaholics4shoppingThese people are always into shopping. They just need money and some place to buy stuff.

5. The online shoppers5shoppingYou ask them for something or they need something…phone teestharu and order chestharu. They just hate going outside and shop!

6. The extremist6shoppingVeellaki oka book kavalante…dozen kontaru. Edi konna jagratha lo or aagam lo ekva konestharu!

7. The shopping haters7shoppingThese people totally hate shopping anything and are always relying on friends and family.

8. The kanjoos shoppers8shoppingAvasaram unnavi kuda konaru..kanjoosness valla. Edi konna takva price lo ekkada dorkuthada ani research chestharu.