8 reasons why 2018 is going to be a nightmare for android users


Get ready: Faster, smarter, and more secure smartphones are coming in 2018.Qualcomm, the world’s largest mobile chipmaker announced it’s brand new high performer Snapdragon 845 SoC (System-on-Chip) which is similar to Snapdragon 835 with some major Add-Ons, 845 will be a 10 nm (nanometer) chip manufactured by Qualcomm in collaboration with Samsung.smart phonesThis Snapdragon 845 will be the brain of many major smartphones coming in 2018 where the production is already started and the first production of Smartphones powered with Snapdragon 845 will out by Samsung, we are not sure but we are looking forward that the first phone will be the Samsung Galaxy S9 with an in-Screen Synaptics Biometrics and an improved IRIS and Facial ID Scanners.
Where Snapdragon 845 will impact everything from performance to battery life to the Cameras likey to the improved security.
1) A Faster Graphics Chipsmart phonesQualcomm claimed that Snapdragon 845 SoC has an additional improved GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) Adreno 630 Graphics chip which will increase 30% of gaming performance and Video rendering which is supported to give high performance on 3D, VR/AR and 4K high definition games which are available on market.
2) Battery Life Boosts smart phonesIn the increase of 30% more graphics performance on games will not effect on batteries where the Snapdragon 845 is twice impressive than 835, which will increase more battery life with its improved Chip, where you can surf your mobile upto two days by browsing an using facebook. Qualcomm promised that the batteries will lasts long.
3) High Secured Lockingsmart phonesFor the first time in the Globe, a dedicated SPU “Secure Processing Unit” was inserted in Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 to bring security features like Apple.
All your data like passwords, face ID, Biometrics Scans all are encrypted into SPU and could not be shared to anyone, Qualcomm promised that your personal data will never be hacked or shared by anyone i.e especially hackers can’t break the new secured SPU.
4) Impressive Wireless Audiosmart phonesWell, we are already in the generation where two Tech giants are fighting with pure Wireless technology and Apple has already proved and ditched the 3.5 mm jack and probed/trolled by Google once but now the trolled Google is following the Apple tradition of Wireless Audio devices named as Google buds nothing is special where Apple Airpods are already proved that they are pure audio performers.
Now the Bluetooth 5.0 is running on Android but but still there is no clear audio where Qualcomm raised the point that now the Bluetooth audio technology has improved over the past technology has single stereo which passes to one earbud and it to another bud, but now the improved Bluetooth will stream directly from to device to both ear buds.
The 845 chip comes with other audio improvements, too, such as the WCD934x “Aqstic audio” codec that’ll improve hands-free voice command detection.

5) Faster LTE and WiFi
Qualcomm announced a new 5G modem named as X50 which will be on board in 2020 and now there will be an improved chip on Snapdragon 845 dubbed as X20 modem which increases 20% of LTE connectivity compared to previous X16 modem, which means the speed by various bands will be directly taken at the range of 1.2 Gbps download speed with low power consumption and Wifi connectivity too.smart phonesOne thing here, using mobile LTE connection will lose more power when compared to WiFi connection. You people can test your owns devices too, try an hour on LTE and try again an hour on WiFi connection the power consumption is less on WiFi.
6) Smarter Machine Learning
Google Machine learning technology is a huge helpful where its AI (Artificial Intelligence) helping out many like recently Google AI helped in an research at NASA.6 Smartphones are NightmaresQualcomm Snapdragon 845 Chip has a built in Improved DSP (Digital Signal Processor) dubbed as “Hexagon 685” which is 3 times powerful than Snapdragon 835 DSP, the AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps to recognise many things like Car, Cat, Flower and a person and can tell you the difference between them.
7) Sharper Photos7 Smartphones are NightmaresMobile Photography has improved alot when compared to years where we have an high end camera phones with dual 20MP Cameras and dedicated ISP (Image Signal Processor)
The 845 chip has a new Spectra 280 ISP that’ll process photos at up to 16 megapixels for better color reproduction and clarity when you shoot on burst.
8) HDR Video Recording
This year’s 835 chip brought native support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) viewing on phones with HDR-ready displays, but the new 845 chip will let you record video with all the extra dynamic range, higher contrast, and increased clarity this new format affords.
Phones with the new chip will be able to capture 4K-resolution video in HDR at up to 60 fps.8 Smartphones are NightmaresSlow motion capturing has improved from 240fps to 480fps (Frames per Second)
Well, These are the 8 things you have to remember that the smartphones in 2018 are in epic range and Smartphone Manufacturers are also hardly working to produce more pure bezel-less OLED HD displays and electrifying Cameras which can able to take HDR photos and Photos.
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