8 Things Only People With OCD Relate To


Well, Obsessive Cleaning Disorder is not only about extreme cleanliness but there is more about it. If you are an OCD person, then people around you definitely freak out at you when it comes to cleanliness. We are presenting the list of things that people who suffer from OCD definitely relate to.

1. Mr / Ms. Perfectionist. You hate it if someone messes with your arrangement of things.123nag rtam

2. If you are at friend’s place, then definitely you feel the need to fix things.2.(Madhubala from Gentleman)

3. You completely hate it when people say, “You just over think and over do things.”3.(Kajal Aggarwal angry pic from Mr. Perfect)

4. All your things look brand new. They are shiny and clean without any strain on them.4.(Brahmanandam in Arya 2)

5. All your close friends are used to your freakout moments.5.(Genelia shouting in Happy)

6. You never date someone who doesn’t even keep cards in his wallet in an organized manner.6. (Isha shouting at Vennela Kishore in Ami Tumi)

7. You definitely clean your hands at least 10 times in a day and always carry a sanitizer with you.7.(Vaishali washing hands in that movie)