5 Characters Of Ali-Puri Combination That Were Kickass


Puri Jaganadh is known for his special slots of humour with the comedian he uses. Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, MS Narayana, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, all have worked with him. However, he always has a special role for Ali in most of his movies. Out of the 28 movies he directed so far, Ali was part of 20. The most by any actor or technician to have worked with him.

Ali not only delivers what Puri wants, but enhances and takes it to peaks throwing the audience into laughter. While watching Puri Jaganadh’s movies now, the audience are waiting to see the character Ali will come up to add some flavour to the movie. Let’s take a look at those characters which stood out in their combination.

IDIOT – Bidar..Isuka…Challadaniki. Yes! 1.Ali CharactersWhen we were watching this for the first time, everyone was curious to know what he was doing by taking sand or isuka to Bidar. That buglar look and mannerism automatically induces some laughter.

SUPER – JOHN ABRAHAM2.Ali CharactersThe appearance of this character itself puts us in splits. A good artist but falters when under pressure gave us immense laughs. That confrontation with lie detector is one piece of comedy that will always stand out. Hilarious!!

CHIRUTHA – NACHIMI3.Ali CharactersIt was probably an inspiration from Thailand for Puri Jaganadh after shooting a series of movies there. A Eunuch role called Nachimi makes the rest characters around him go simply crazy with his massaging techniques and those Thai-Telugu words. Bagunaaraaa..Bagunaraaaaa!!

POKIRI – PRESIDENT OF BEGGAR ASSOCIATION4.Ali CharactersOne of the best comedy tracks off late, Ali shows whats called a ‘hell’ to software engineer Brahmi for degrading them as beggars and finally ends up bullying all of his salary.

DESAMUDURU – KHAIDI SHANKAR / HIMAYALAN BABA5.Ali CharactersShankar’s story of becoming a Himayalan Baba was probably more interesting than the movie itself. The way he narrates his story was of top notch. It literally got us so engrossed and interested in his story.

Here we leave you with a scene from Super. Have a great day filled with laughter!!