9 Movies by Krishna Vamsi which prove his mettle!


They say, directors are “Captains of the ship”. Ship motham journey antha baaga vellali ante captain perfect undali. The same way, oka movie baaga undali ante chaala things untay. Off all those, director’s work measures all dimensions. Alanti oka telugu director, Krishna Vamsi. He has made some terrific films but is not as famous commercially as the other directors. But there definitely are so many fans for his movies and is one of the most successful directors in tollywood.

Here are some movies of his that show that he is director not by chance, but by choice!

1. Gulabi1krishna-vamshiThis is his debut film starring J.D.Chakravarthy and Maheshwari. This is an action-packed love story that won huge audience.

2. Ninne Pelladatha2krishna-vamshiDeenikante beautiful family love story chaala few untay. It’s been more than 20 years that this movie came out and still runs in the hearts of many!

3. Sindhooram3krishna-vamshiThis is a thriller film that very artistically showed the intricacies of naxalism in Andhra Pradesh at that time.

4. Antahpuram4krishna-vamshiThis movie remains a classic of all times. It took rayalaseema faction as the prime of the plot. It won many many awards and also got nominated for a lot of them! Revenge, Anger, Love and Violence; inni emotions ni oke movie lo chaala baaga handle chesaru.

5. Murari5krishna-vamshiThis is a classic-fantasy thriller movie that gave Mahesh babu one of his best films till date. Family emotions and movie plot carry chese thrill is so stunningly shown and melts away the notions of people watching the movie. Grandmother’s sacrifice and her concern over a family is the hidden emotion!

6. Khadgam6krishna-vamshiIndia is a secular country and india lo anni religions vaallu kalisi melisi untaru. Okaru tappu chesthe, tappu aa okkoride anthe kani aa society mothem di kadu. India is a home for every person of every religion, language, cast and creed. Ee movie ki enni awards lo aithe nominations unayo anni awards oche untay without doubt. No one would exist who wouldn’t love this movie.

7. Rakhi7krishna-vamshiThis movie dealt with a very sensitive emotion. Ee movie commercial ga ekva nadavakapoina, it made a huge impression with the critics Krishna Vamsi bagged another classic with this movie!

8. Chandamama8krishna-vamshiThis is a melodramic movie that has recorded a hit and left some audience confused about them liking this film. But the actors have won many accolades for their performances.

9. Mahatma9krishna-vamshiThis movie delivers a very powerful social message and both Srikanth and KV gaaru bagged this as a very sensible film of that time.
We are waiting for more movies to come and wish this director all the success in future. Thank you, sir for giving us some wonderful movies.