9 Telangana super talented folk artist


Folk art is about preserving culture and also educating us about the same. They are not just simple singers, they are the creators of the most powerful songs and also give life to it. Let us salute these singers and each one of them who have struggled doing so.

1) Goreti Venkanna (poet and folk singer) Famous for : Galli Chinnadi1)-Goreti-Venkanna

2) Gaddar (Singer and Activist) Famous for : Bhadram Koduko2)-Gaddar.

3) Mittapalli Surendar (Lyricist and Singer) Famous for : Poru Telangana3)-Mittapalli-Surendar.

4) Sai Chand (Singer) Famous for : Raathi Bommallona4)-Sai-Chand

5) Vimalakka (Poet and activist) Famous for: Sinuku Sinuku5-Vimalakka

6) Madhu Priya (Singer) Famous for : Aadapillanamma6-Madhu-Priya

7) Nandini Sidha (Writer and Poet) Famous for : Nageti Salallo Na Telangana7)Nandini-Sidha.

8) Kodari Srinivas (Singer) Famous for : Nindaina Bathukamma8-Kodari-Srinivas

9) Guda Anjaiah (Poet, writer, lyricist and singer) Famous for : Ooru Manadira9-Guda-Anjaiah