The good, the bad and the ugly of IPL


IPL is the reason summer has made us sit and home and enjoy some action. Every cricket fan is at home from evening to night praying and hoping for his favorite team to win the game. Like everything has its own pros and cons, this form of game has too.

Bad side of IPL.

1. This entire league is scheduled during the hottest months of the year and afternoon matches are a pain to watch!1 advt
2. IPL has also increased the scope of shorter duration matches and hence test matches have lost to gain audience’s attentions. But apparently test matches determine a players playing capabilities more strongly.2-test-matches
3. A lot of people find it intriguing to see players retire early out from test side and national side but continue to play in IPL. How is this possible?3.-A-lot-of-people-find
4. Indian players’ strategies might get exposed to foreign players.4.-Indian-players’
5. Foreign players get used to the country’s pitch and playing conditions. Hence the advantage of home ground is lost when it comes to international matches.5.-Foreign-players
6. It is over stressing players since these 2 months are the only times when our players are free from matches and take a break and now they are completely into playing all along the year. If they have no objection to this, it isn’t an issue. But definitely something to talk and think about.6.-It-is-over-stressing-players
7. It has become an absolute platform to convert black money into white which is really bad.7.-platform-to-convert-black-money

Advantages and benefits of this form!

1. There are many upcoming players who are looking for a single chance to prove their capability. This is a platform for such players.1-Advantages-and-benefits-of-this-form!
2. People learn how to perform in a team of various players.2-Advantages-and-benefits-of-this-form!
3. This can also test a players hitting capability and also test how he can sustain under pressure.3-Advantages-and-benefits-of-this-form!
4. This is a highly engaging tournament since it lasts for a less amount of time with so much action in it.4.-This-is-a-highly-engaging-tournament
5. It is also a great place for many players to join in as coaches and in other duties and still be in touch with their passion.5--Advantages-and-benefits-of-this-form!
6. A lot of employment happens during this season.A lot of employment happens during this season.6.-It-is-over-stressing-players