A Food Lover’s Ultimate Guide To Heaven In Kozhikode, Kerala!

A Food Lover’s Ultimate Guide To Heaven In Kozhikode, Kerala!

1 KozhikodeDoes the name Kozhikode sound any bells?

Of course, it does.
Kozhikode is located in the state of Kerala is not your regular quaint place. It is celebrated not just in Kerala but all across the globe. When you visit a country or state, you often visit its capital for that is where the beauty lies. But, in Kerala, the scene is different. If you want a culinary experience beyond delight, you must visit Kozhikode, rightly called the Culinary or Food capital of Kerala.

What makes Kozhikode special?

4 KozhikodeFormerly known as Calicut, Kozhikode is located right beside the sea. It is a town of historic significance, with temples, churches, beaches and places that are a must-visit. It is also said that the town was visited by Vasco-Da-Gama. Such historic significance, but the place is all over for its food.

Talk about Kozhikode food and our mouths are already watering. A fusion of Arab, French, British and our desi flavours, it truly is a melting point of cuisines. The rich food heritage which has been carried down for centuries makes this place a class apart.

The Mappila Specials!

3 KozhikodeThekkepuram’s Mappila cooking has the biggest influence on Kozhikode food. Settled in the Malabar region since 1000 BC, the Mappila people are on their top game when it comes to food. The aromatic spices, flavours are an absolute romance. The Thellicherry Biryani (Chicken Biryani), Meen Pathiri (Fish curry) and Puttu (Erachi Puttu) are flavour-bombs.

Mappila food also has various egg dishes. A speciality being Muttamala, wherein the egg yolks are fried and then served in thin strips. Theekapuram food also has various dishes for the Ramzan period like macronis, momos and cutlets. Theekapuram festival food is next level.

You can see that their food is so much about coconuts, milk and sea-food. But the food range is so varied that it is crazy.

Other influences!

2 KozhikodeGujrathis, Bohras, Christians, Goans, Pathans, Iranians, Sindhis and several other communities and religions have contributed to making the Kozhikode cuisine top-notch. They have perhaps not been a part of Kozhikode culture right from the beginning and most of them are just fusion cuisines, but the Kozhikode food is incomplete without these fusions. Bhel Puri, Dhokla Masala, Fish Croquettes, Channa Battana, Goli Bajji, Onion Soup, Devil Chutney and the list about these fusion foods are simply endless.

Kozhikode is a foodie’s delight. Every corner in the town shouts you to devour the richness of the cuisine. Every street has something new for you. A paradise for everyone who loves food, Kozhikode is that one place you must visit before dying.

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