Act Of Unity : These Malakpet Heroes Need To Be Applauded For This Amazing Feat


The rains this year have been kind to us right from Summer. While it seemed like a relief when they initially started to pour down, off-late they have gotten to be a little heavy at different parts of the state. In Hyderabad, GHMC has been facing tough time in answering when questions are being raised regarding manholes and water logging at crucial junctions across the city. The condition that deteriorated at a few localities have been a threat to lives.

The Wednesday’s rain resulted in a situation something similar to this. Water got logged on the main road in front of Reliance Digital at Malakpet. When an auto-rickshaw tried to reach the hospital next to the digital mart, it got locked in the water making it tough for two women and a child present in it to reach the hospital. Since the water flow was propelling the auto farther, a bunch of heroes took this upon themselves and formed a chain holding the auto preventing it get washed away.

They helped the two women and a baby get to the hospital without much panic. But, watching the video will make you panic. Kudos to those guys who showed a great spirit of unity in the city helping fellow citizens.