All You Need to Know About the Blue Whale Challenge


Blue Whale Challenge telse untadi meeku, Recent ga Puducherry lo 22 years untai aadigiki Alexander anta konchem lo tappinchukonadu lekapothe epaatiki babai ne paathipettevallu Police lu vachi save cheyyakapothe.00 Blue Whale ChallengeCaution:
Never accept any Blue Whale Challenge game requests from Whatsapp or any other Social Media Platforms.

Let’s move into deep
Blue Whale Challenge is a game but it is not downloadable and not even an App. Adhi just oka web link, edi oka Russian psychology student Phillip society lo values leni people ne sweep cheyyalani develop chesadu and elanti game develop chesadani University mana Phillip ne detain chesaru.

After 30 days again one more Russian girl accused who was detained from the same university because in recent investigations they found that she is the “Master Mind” behind the game “Blue Whale Challenge” 50 Challenges.

Why the Name Blue Whale
Blue Whales ante Shark type aqua fish avi occasional ga vaatiki ave stones ki kottukoni chachipotai. So anduke mana Phillip gadu e game ki aah Name pettadu.

How to play this Game?
Sorry, How to play this game kaadu this game will play with us, aadukuntadi bommani chesi, okkasari request accept chesav anuko venakki velleki undadu munduku velthe chastav.

Try cheyyakandi Google lo dorakadu e game edi just oka link chala confidential ga requests vastai, be aware of game requests from Social Networks

How to get this game request ?
Nv anukunteno, verevaro suggest chesteno e game challenge request raadu neeku, they will target some people from social profiles who are suffering with depression, love failures inka raka rakaluga untaruga Facebook, Instagram lo alantollank target chesi requests send chestaru.

Why so Dangerous is this Game?000 Blue Whale ChallengeIts is not an easy game vallu eche Challenges levels la untai, aah Challenges lo Blade tho Whale picture draw cheyyandi me Arm paina and inka viens cut ayye la three stripes geeskondi an inka Buildings top nunchi jump cheyyadam ela untai tasks

Ee Game lo Challeges untai anamata, okati rendu kaadu mottaniki 50 challenges, aa challenges challenges andariki same undav Geo Tagging location base cheskoni raka rakala challenges istuntaru.

Epatike meeko doubt vachi untadi > Entha Dangerous aynappudu aah game ne block chesi developers ne arrest cheseyochu kada ani.

Chepta edi evaru aapaleru, already Game developers ni arrest chesaru kaani indaka cheppa kada it is not an Software or App or not even Downloadable ani, e game Russia lo Start ayyi World mottam Spread ayyindi so e game ki chala mandi Admins ga avtaru game participants they will give different Tasks to their players anamata. So e game ki end ledu “Meru me chuttupakkala vallu ela untunnaru konchem observe chestu undandi”

What are the Challenges?
Naku inka game request raaledu bayya meeku aa game aadi Challenges ento cheppadaniki, kaani meekosam konni Challenges collect chesa from various Sites.

1. On your arm, carve ‘f57’ (name of death and suicide group in Russia) with a blade.1 Blue Whale Challenge
2. Wake up at 4:20 am and watch scary videos.2 Blue Whale Challenge
3.Cut your arm along with your veins (not deep), only three cuts.3 Blue Whale Challenge
4. Draw a whale on a piece of paper.4 Blue Whale Challenge
5. If you’re ready to ‘become a whale’, you write “yes” with the blade on your leg, if not, you have to cut yourself many times (as a punishment).5 Blue Whale Challenge
6. Have to go and take a Selfie in Graveyard in the Mid-Night.6 Blue Whale Challenge
7. On your arm, carve ‘f40’ (another Russian death and suicide group) with a blade.7 Blue Whale Challenge
8. Write in the status #I_am_Whale.8 Blue Whale Challenge
9. You should overcome your fear.9 Blue Whale Challenge
10. Get up at 4:20 am and go to the roof.10 Blue Whale Challenge
11. It is necessary to scratch out a whale on the hand (or make a drawing on the hand).11 Blue Whale Challenge
12. Watch scary videos the whole day.12 Blue Whale Challenge
13. Listen to music that they send to you.13 Blue Whale Challenge
14. Cut your lip.14 Blue Whale Challenge
15. Poke the needle arm.15 Blue Whale Challenge
16. Hurt yourself.16 Blue Whale Challenge
17. Go to the highest roof you can find and stand on the edge.17 Blue Whale Challenge
18. Go to a bridge and stand on the edge.18 Blue Whale Challenge
19. Climb on a crane or at least try.19 Blue Whale Challenge
20. Curators check if you are trustworthy.20 Blue Whale Challenge
21. Talk with another ‘whale’ (someone else who is also playing the same game) on Skype.21 Blue Whale Challenge
22. Sit down on the edge of a roof with your feet dangling.22 Blue Whale Challenge
23. Another task in a code.23 Blue Whale Challenge
24. Secret task.24 Blue Whale Challenge
25.Meet with a ‘whale’.25 Blue Whale Challenge
26. Curator tells you the date of your death and you must accept it.26 Blue Whale Challenge
27. Wake up at 4:20 am and go to any railroad in your area.27 Blue Whale Challenge
28. Do not talk with anyone.28 Blue Whale Challenge
29. Take an oath that you’re a whale.29 Blue Whale Challenge
30-49. Every day you wake up at 4:20 am, watch scary videos, listen to music that they send, make cuts on your body each day and talk to a ‘whale’.30 Blue Whale Challenge
50. Jump off a high roof and take your life.50 Blue Whale Challenge

Why can’t we Quit from the Game?
Ala cheyyalem anta, to play the game you have to accept one Cookie. Edi mottam ne mobile lo unna data ne capture cheskuni Terms & Conditions lo if you quit the game in middle we will share the Confidential data from your mobile to others ani untadi, So mooskoni anni aadalsinde and inka cheppali ante nv ala aapav, ee game ne mind space ne baaga ocupy cheskontadi so you will always think about the challenges to clear.

After every challenge you have to send a Selfie with the challenge to Admin. They will accept it and pass you the next next challenge.

Be- Aware of this game and me intlo vallu and inka friends andarini konchem observe chestu undandi and veelaithe konchem ekkuvasepu matladtu undandi.

Hands and Legs Chustundandi emaina blade tho kosukoni unnaremo ani.

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