‘If You Have Been Written Off, It Is Because They Noticed You. Stay Strong!’ – Anisha Ambrose’s Exclusive Interview


Have you ever imagined getting a call directly from a production house, seeking to cast you in their movie? That was exactly what happened with the latest and super gorgeous entrant to Telugu cinema, Anisha Ambrose. The actress debuted with Alias Janaki and is awaiting another exciting project, Run – the Telugu remake of Neram this year.  Practical, Confident and always one to keep her spirit high with her never-say-die approach, she surely is an actress that the Industry has to watch out for. We managed to catch up with this sensation and get her to chat for a while. Well, check out for yourselves this exclusive interview.


Hey Anisha. Hope you are doing good. It is happy to see your name everywhere. So, now that you have started to make your mark, what does Anisha stand for? In the sense how come you chose acting to express yourself?
Hey.. yes I am doing good! Thank you! Anisha means unstoppable in one word. Movies happened all of a sudden. I never imagined I’d love acting as a profession so much, now I’m just unstoppable! Lol!!

Great! You know almost everyone whom I meet knows who you are. It is something incredible and that level of attention is quite rare for someone just beginning their career, why would you think that is? Also how difficult is it to achieve fame in the industry without any godfather?
That comes as a surprise! Fame has never been the criteria for me, so it’s presence hardly matters. I just be myself in every situation and most importantly believe in the plan God has for my life because every good thing comes from above!


So, you believe in GOD than Godfathers. 😉 That’s nice! You know, many at times we look at actors going for a particular theme/genres in their roles? Do you look for any such specifications?
Like I said, movies happened all of a sudden. I din’t have time to plan. Although, I would love to try every genre that I feel would suit me as an actor.

Seems like there is alot of exploration left. So, how important is it for an actor to actually know their limitations? Is it a good practice to not know his/her boundaries?
It’s always good to know your limitations. In that way if you’re able to work above it, it’s a great achievement! On the other hand, I feel having boundaries is good. It keeps one grounded.


Well said. So, I very recently came across the trailer for your movie named Run. How would you say it has helped you career wise? In that regard is social media an important tool in propagating yourself?
The year 2016 itself has been a new start for me career wise and Run happened at the right time. Social media is very important for an actor especially because we make movies for our audience and it’s a fast and easy way to reach out to them.

Do you think movies or the genre of movies, rather the soul in them is changing over time? If so, is it for the good or bad ?
I don’t think so. Now-a-days movies are made for a target audience. There have been so many soul stirring movies I’ve watched and some have been of recent releases.


When you want to go for a film role, what are the first five things that you want to decide upon? Also are you involved in any other aspects of film making as many other actors do?
The story, my Character, the Production house, co-stars and my parents opinion are the five things I look into. Right now I’m not involved with any other aspect of film-making.

To the point! You’ve been brought up in Vishakapatnam and now have, if I believe right, shifted base to Hyderabad. How do you think life has changed over this period. What do you think is the biggest difference between the two cities?
I haven’t moved out of Vizag. I still live here and travel to other cities for work. Moving would be a big decision and I might fret not being home. (laughs)


You’ve acted both in Short films as well as in feature films? Talent wise, is there a difference at all in the way both of them are made? Also what are any five things that we as an unassuming public don’t know about Anisha ?
I’m solely a feature film actress. I did one short film for a friend after the release of my debut film and I found both are performance oriented. Hmmm.. well 5 things about me – I pray before making decisions. I am very emotional and possessive about people I love I.e, family and friends. The right music can change how I’m feeling in an instant. I also have a great passion to cook and I am very scared of heights.

Well, we will keep a note on that. 😉 Any advice you would like to give to the budding actors/artists that want to make it big in this preferred arena? 
Never be afraid to start over again. If they have written you off is because they’ve noticed you.


Awesome!! So, Anisha before we wrap up, just for the fun of it, we shall end this with a game. It’s called ‘Love – Marry – Kill’. I’ll give you 7 sets of three words each, of which you need to choose one to marry, one to love and so on. Starting at most liked, to average, to hate or dislike 

A. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon

Love, Kill, Marry

B. Butterscotch, Strawberry and Vanilla

Kill, love, marry

C. Hrithik Roshan, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh

Kill, marry, love

D. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram 

Kill, love, Marry

E. New York, Singapore, London

Marry, kill, love

F. Game Of Thrones, Friends, Breaking Bad

Marry, kill, love

G. 15 Yr old You, 20 Yr old You or The Present You?

Kill, love, marry

That was quick and awesome! Thank you so muc hfor your valuable time,
Good luck on all your future endeavours.

A Wirally Exclusive!!