Apple Could Deliver Wireless Charger for Mobile Devices as Soon as 2017


Apple is developing the technology that would allow its iPhones and iPads to be charged without using the current charging mats, Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources.


Apple will introduce Wireless Chargers for iPhones

After introducing wireless charging in Apple’s smart watches, Apple is now working on long distance wireless charging for future iPhones. Watches with this technology still needs to be put on the top of the magnetic cradle to charge.

According to the Bloomberg reports, Apple is working with partners in the United States and Asia to develop the new wireless chargers for iPhones and this new technology for iPhones will be ready for public by 2017.


If you recall, two years ago, Windows launched its windows 8 phone – Lumia 920, with wireless technology. Then Samsung came to the race and launched dual mode wireless charging on its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Phones.

This technology is all cool, but having a big drawback makes it a hard to apply with the low-cost phones. Your phone and charger should be very close together to work. But still the charging is not very efficient compared to our old wire chargers.

As the world is growing and growing with new technologies in hand, we just can’t imagine what else in store for us.