Baahubali retains his armor!


What appreciation or gift would you receive when you perform extraordinary in your school or college or at work? An applause or a certificate of appreciation or a medal or a small token or an incentive at maximum. These things stay in our memory and keep us elated to work harder and boost up of our confidence. Such similar thing happened to this special guru-shishya duo, none other than the visionary and the lead of the movie “Bahubali”.

Being immensely happy with the dedication shown by Prabhas, Director S.S.Rajamouli gifted him the armor wore by the character Bahubali. Prabhas whole heartedly dedicated 5 years of his timeline just to Bahubali, which is a very long time considering the fact that Prabhas is a crazy star in the industry. Rajamouli expressed his respect several times talking about Prabhas praising the value of his sacrifice and his commitment towards this film. He mentioned Prabhas was his pillar of support.

The armor was designed by Rama Rajamouli, Krishna and Prasanthi. The armor is impossible to guess but was designed using pure leather. But because of the additional helmet and metal mesh, the armor weighed several kilos, thus giving a grand look to the already magnificent look of Prabhas.