Bahubali and Constable


The only mania which is gripping the whole country right now is the second part of the magnum opus “Bahubali”. People are just losing their minds over one question “Why Kattappa killed Bahubali?” This mania made the tickets price soar high which is hitting around 8k screens across the world on 28th of April, 2017.

There is no limit to the number of people waiting to watch it on the first day itself regardless of their status. But luck only favors the persons who respond first. Such is the case of this one police constable, A. Vijay Kumar from Geesukonda area of Warangal Rural District, Telangana. He has written a letter to his station head officer asking him to grant him a leave so that he can watch the movie on the first day. This image of the letter he has written stating some interesting reasons has been trending on Whatsapp ever since.

You can check the letter here:baahubali-1

The letter states “Sir, I am working as constable in your police station. My sincere request to you is please grant me a leave on 28th of April, because for two years, I am not able to concentrate on my duty as I have been troubled with the question ‘Why Killed Kattappa to Bahubali (sic.)?’ So I would like to clear that doubt by watching it on the day of release. Please grant me a leave sir. Thank You.”

The fan frenzy is always an interesting thing to watch.

Watch the trailer and make your expectations and excitement alive again: