Sand Animation Bahubali by Nitish Bharti


The release of “Bahubali – The Conclusion”, the pride of Indian film industry is around the corner and there has been lots of hype around it. Whatever might be the reception, this film is sure to create an impact across the world. Though many period and socio-fantasy films have been made and received well, this one has a special stand. The team have done almost everything to get their audience groove to their tune, and yes why not? Bahubali is arguably the biggest motion picture, India has ever produced till now. After a 5 years of strenuous work, the movie is dated to release on 28th of April over a mind blowing 8000 screens worldwide.

Also fans are going gaga over the release, after all they have waited full 2 years for it. So here is a special artistic dedication from not just a fan but a world renowned sand artist Nitish Bharti. Nitish Bharti is a world-famous Indian sand animation artist and storyteller who use only his fingers to create wonderful stories out of simple sand grains. He did a visual narration of the major incidents from “Bahubali – The Beginning”, in 555 seconds. Just using the sand canvas, he projected the grand texture of the film brilliantly. This presentation is surely going to give goosebumps to all the audience who are eagerly waiting for the movie.

Check the brilliance here: