BhupathiRaju Anmish Varma : A Telugu Guy Who Won Gold At Athens World Kickboxing And Karate Championship 2018

School childrens ki education tho patu other curricular activities like Karate, Swimming, Dance, Gymnastics lanti vatilo train cheyadam anedi common. Kakapothe aa extra curricular activities anevi eppatiki extra ga ne kani undipovadam tappa vatilo istam unna manalo most of the parents children’s ni aa activities ni career ga choose cheskuntam ante anthaga encourage cheyaru.

Bhupathiraju Anmish Varma

Parents kids ki nacchina vatilo encourage cheste one day they’ll make us proud andaniki perfect example ea 25 year young Visakhapatnam boy Anmish Varma success story who won gold medal for nation in WKU World Kickboxing and Karate Union CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 held at Athens, Greece.

For first time in 17 years of Martial Arts World Championship (senior male category) held at Athens, Greece, from October 27-30th 2018;our  young talented Indian sportsman Anmish Varma Bhupathiraju defeating his opponent from England.

Anmish Varma 25 Year Old Lad Is Vishakapatnam Born inspired from Pawan Kalyan’s Thammudu movie

Bhupathiraju Anmish Varma

Anmish Varma Bhupatiraju hometown is Visakhapatnam, tana father oka driver. Basic ga Rajput family lo putadam tho Anmish ki childhood nundi intlo sword fights cheyadam, stick fight cheyadam lantivi interest undedi. Anmish father used to train him in different activities like self defense, martial arts and others. Later martial arts mida interest peragadam and aa time lo Pawan Kalyan thammudu cinema lo action and fight sequences chusina Anmish chala influence aiyyadu.

Anmish keen interest and enthusiasm towards karate made him joined Karate coaching at the age of 9

Bhupathiraju Anmish Varma

Karate mida Anmish ki unna interest gurinchi telusukunna tana father G. Kanaka Rao ane martial arts coach daggara training ki pampinchadam start chesadu. Anmish ki Karate mida unna zeal and passion chusina coach Kanaka Rao atanaki vigorously training iccharu. And then Anmish never look back he started winning medals in state, inter-state and national level.

Winning Gold For Nation Is His Father’s Dream And He Made It

Bhupathiraju Anmish Varma

2014 Spain lo jarigina World Karate championship lo bronze gelichi konchem lo goldmedal miss aina Anmish aa match lo Gold gelichina variki National Anthem play cheyadam chusadu. Anthe elagaina next world championship lo mana National Anthem vinali ani decide ayyadu. Four years heart and soul petti Karate lo train aiyyadu and recent ga Athens lo jarigina World Kickboxing and Karate Championship 2018 lo tana father and Gold gelichi National anthem vinali anna iddari goals fulfill chesadu Anmish Varma.

Its indeed a proud moment for our country towards this humble telugu boy’s victory in Karate & Kick boxing; to bring INDIA on the map of global recognition.

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