Bindi’s in Baahubali and Magadheera


Rajamouli has given us two periodic movies so far and they are more than just amazing. Baahubali is not just a movie of huge money, VFX and big cast but is also a movie that comproses many minute details that make the movie a wonderful one. Magadheera also clinched its topmost position in every field it stepped in and is also one of those films that did not compromise on detailing.

Here is an elaboration of the bottus used in the film.

1. Trishulam – Bijjaladeva1.-Trishulam-–-BijjaladevaThis is commonly said to represent various trinities—creation, maintenance and destruction, past, present and future, the three gunas. Of the three, there is definitely 1 word that describes him the best.

2. Rising Sun – Rana2.-Rising-Sun-–-RanaIn some cultures, sun is seen as the symbol for masculinity. Do we need another word for Rana??

3. Snake and Conch Shell – Prabhas3.-Snake-and-Conch-Shell-–-Prabhas changeA conch tattoo would serve a person well who intends to uphold a fearless declaration of ‘truth. While a snake tattoo is a symbol of re-birth. Hence together they perfectly bind to the character of Mahendra Bahubali. They are together a symbol for Lord Shiva. Shivudu being an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva is also relatable.

4. Full Moon – Sivagami4.-Full-Moon-–-SivagamiThe Moon is usually represented as the feminine power, the Mother Goddess, Queen of Heaven. This definitely does justice to the lady!

5. Tatoo of Slavery – Katappa5.-Tatoo-of-Slavery---Katappa changeIt symbolizes slavery where in the slave constantly only listens to his orders.

6. Half moon – (Mahendra Bahubali) Prabhas6.-Half-moon-–-(Mahendra-Bahubali)-PrabhasHalf moon or a crescent is a symbol for dual nature. It could be depicting, power, strength and also emotional, calmness, kindness. This definitely who our bahubali is.

7. Black Spear Tip – Tamanna7.-Black-Spear-Tip-–-TamannaGreat strength and alertness is one way to define a spear tip. The depictions of Avantika in the movie is just very similar.

8. Feminism – Devasena8.-Feminism-–-DevasenaFor those who misunderstand the term Feminism, here is what it means. It means to consider both the genders equal and it definitely doesn’t mean to support just the females. She, from the beginning, has portrayed streaks of men and women. Hence the tattoo is a wonderful way to explain her character.

9. Crescent – Ram Charan 9.-Crescent---Ram-CharanThis again symbolizes dual nature of his power, love yet kindness and emotional.

10. Vishnu Namam – Sarath Babu10.-Vishnu-Namam---Sarath-BabuThe three lines represent power of will, knowledge and action. This man is an incarnation of all these.