Bollywood Celebrities who are related to each other.


World is really small. If you have never felt this, you would definitely now! This film industry has a very confusing and shocking genealogy.

1. Ranveer Singh and Sonam Kapoor1bollywood-celebritiesThey are cousins. His paternal grandfather is siblings with her maternal grandmother.

2. Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra2bollywood-celebritiesThey are first cousins with Karan’s mother being siblings with Aditya Chopra himself. These two production kings are now cousins! Wow!

3. Ali Zafar and Aamir Khan3bollywood-celebritiesThey are both connected not by blood, but by marriage. Ali Zafar’s wife Ayesha Zafar is distant cousins with Aamir Khan. This is just shocking, right?!

4. Emraan Hashmi and Alia Bhatt4bollywood-celebritiesEmraan is related to Alia Bhatt through his mother, Maherrah Hashmi. They are cousins, now! He has done so many films with the family he is related to.

5. Kunal Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan5bollywood-celebritiesKunal has connections with the strongest families in the bollywood industry. He wed Amitabh Bachchan’s niece, Naina last year. This handsome and talented actor has already broken so many hearts with this marriage. Let us search for another crush, ladies.

6. Sharman Joshi and Prem Chopra6bollywood-celebritiesSon-in-law and father-in-law is the relationship they have. Sharman married yesteryear’s villain Prem Chopra’s daughter, Prema Chopra.

7. Tanvi and Shabana Azmi7bollywood-celebritiesTanvi Married Shabana Azmi’s Brother. Now, they both are sister-in-laws.

8. Shraddha Kapoor and Lata Mangeshkar8bollywood-celebritiesHer grandfather is the cousin of the legendary singer. She is thus related to the iconic singer.

9. Tabu and Shabana Azmi9bollywood-celebritiesTabu is Shabana Azmi’s niece, as her father, Jamal Hashmi is Shabana’s brother. Everything is getting confusing now.

10. Farah, Sajid Khan, Zoya Akhtar and Farhan Akhtar10bollywood-celebritiesDaisy Irani and Honey Irani are real sisters, so Farah and Sajid Khan and Zoya and Farhan Akhtar are cousins.