Devi Sri Prasad songs that can be facebook statuses!


1. For all the boys who want to update their statuses about the crush in their heads,
“Girl..Just let me be your man, I wanna hold your hand and take you to your fantasy!”1-min2. For all the cool freaks out there,
“Run Run.. Run Run Run Run. Put your hands up and say let’s have some fun!2-min3. For those who think freedom is their style of living
“Freedom..Idi maake maake sontham
Freedom..Idi yuvathaku matram”3-min4. We all love to party. And when we are in the right mood,
“Notikochina paatedo paadey paadey paadey paadey..Ontikochina dance edo cheesy cheesy ro. It’s time to Party”4-min5. Time to thank that friend of ours who always helps us during exams
“Pandagala digivachavu pranalaku velugichavu..Rakthanne erupekkinchavuuuu..”5-min6. In a journey to learn and achieve…intha philosophical thoughts unte,
“Nee payanam ekkadiko neeku teiyaaliga
Ye samaram evvaritho telchuko munduga”6-min7. Class lo oka person untadu…bayataku oka laaga lopala inko laaga. If that frustrates you,
“Hey tiptop dhora kadhilindo
Yevariki veedu Dhorakadulendo
Mudhurando gadusando todigenu musugando”7-min8. After achieving what no one though you could,
“Last nundi first ki long jump ro
Bottom nunchi top ki flying kiss ro”8-min9. Life has something special every day. Ala roju kothaga anipisthe,
“Khol theri khidki khol theri khidki
Welcome chepputhadi life andariki
Lets party party right now o soniye
Lets party party right now”9-min10. Live life king size.
“Khel khatam ayyedhaka don’t stop re
Jeelo jeelo jeelo re
Zindagi ni edhe dhaka don’t stop re”10-min